Beautiful Morning

Each year, the first days of school in Dawson Creek were beautiful. Crispy, cold September air. Long grasses and the rosehips on the wild rose bushes coated with frost that sparkled in the morning sun.

Our teacher started each day with a song. The class stood and sang along with her lovely voice. Her favourite, apparently, was “Oklahoma.” I looked out the window at the golden fields and watched the sun warm the grasses and melt the frost.

My teacher sang, “Oh, what a beautiful morning. Oh,what a beautiful day. I’ve got a wonderful feeling. Everything’s going my way.”

I thought, “Yes, that’s exactly how it is.”

“The corn is as high as an elephant’s eye….”

It was only a field of wild grasses, but in my mind, it might have been corn as high as an elephant’s eye.

I wonder if that teacher has any idea of the impression she made on me with the repetition of that song. Ever since, I’ve made associations because of it.

When I hear that song these many years later, I see the frost-coated grasses and rosehips lining the road on the way to school, and the sun melting the frost, turning the fields to gold. It brings to mind crisp, sunny days and bright blue skies, harvest time, and happiness. And always, I’m reminded how beautiful life is.

8 thoughts on “Beautiful Morning

  1. Gladys Schmidt

    I can identify with this in more ways than one. I, too enjoyed singing this song on the top of my lungs on a bright morning in Sask.


  2. Sonja

    What a wonderful story! Even today, with the stormy weather, it is still very beautiful out there! Dawson Creek certainly did have its share of beautiful scenery. Thanks for the reminder.



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