I’m married to a guy who regularly forgets birthdays and anniversaries. After so many years, I don’t bother to make a big deal of it anymore. If it matters to me a lot, I’ll just announce the date ahead of time so we can plan something nice. I’ve learned not to expect surprises for these special days.

A few years ago we were in the middle of a flooring renovation. The carpet was pulled up revealing a shocking amount of sand and grit on the plywood underneath. The new hardwood went on clean and shiny. The job was nearly finished; only the stairs left to do. I went into town to run some errands—among them, bringing back a few chocolates for a Valentine’s Day treat—and returned just as the floor installers left for home.

My husband met me outside by the garage. “You can’t go up the stairs. They’ve got a coating on them. It has to dry overnight.”

“How do we get to the kitchen then? Or the bedroom?”

“Come this way.” He led me around to the front of the house where a ladder was propped up to the deck railing on the second floor. “Climb up and I’ll hold the ladder.”

I chuckled at this bizarre way of entering the house. “This is like eloping, only in reverse.” I scrambled over the railing and turned to steady the ladder from the top as my husband climbed it next. He opened the deck door to the kitchen.

I was still chuckling over how we climbed up to the deck. “Like a couple of teenagers.” Then I saw the vase on the island. “Oh, wow! Look at those roses.” That earned him a hug and a kiss. Then I saw behind the flowers, our favourite bottle of wine, and beside it, two steaks marinating in a dish. The Valentine card propped up on the vase had a funny, gushy message on it.

I was in a little bit of shock but it wasn’t an unpleasant feeling. “Well! For a guy who forgets important dates, you sure have redeemed yourself.”

25 thoughts on “Redemption

  1. Oh my … how romantic this was … I wish my husband would come up with a ladder, a bouquet of roses and a dinner ahead. I am really jealous now. Maybe one day this will happen to me too – I keep dreaming – the shock if it ever happens – I can take that easily!
    Super story – and a true one too!


  2. Sigh…….how romantic of him. Just when you least expect it, he does something so sweet. I like the line about “this is like eloping, but only in reverse!” ha ha ha …very cute!


  3. I also forget sometimes and we’ve been married going on three years! I suppose little things like this make a difference and I would like to think that we can do nice things even when it when it’s not birthdays or Valentine’s day. What do you think? Here in Mauritius is all about commercializing the whole thing, just like they do in Canada and the States and most of the world I guess!


  4. Well I came over and found it.. and yes it is a lovely story… one that I can relate to… Linda and I will give each other a little more love and attention today and that is that.. no gifts or the like but we do celebrate the day together… I remember as a kid it was a card with a poem in it… today you see husbands spending thousands on a piece of jewelry… when I do that for Linda it’s not on this day but any day I feel like doing it… been married 39 years and to me everyday is a special day for celebrating our love, not just Valentines day… but I do love your story… that is special…


    • Thanks for finding the story, Rob. Interesting that you’ve been married 39 years. It’s 40 for us, So I think we can relate to similar times back in the old days. You’ve expressed my sentiments exactly about all the hype about jewellery and gifts. We don’t fall for it either. If we do gift buying it’s because we want to; not because the ads tell us to go spend money, and where and when and how much to spend. Have a great day doing something lovely for and with your sweetheart.


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