West Coast Visit (Part 3)

(Click to make pictures bigger.)


The fishing season is ending and we’re ready to head home now.  A new phase of the adventure begins with the rising sun.

You would never guess that inside this shack is a pleasant surprise.  A cemented enclosure fills with warm water through a  pipe from hotsprings behind the cabin. Step inside and have a soak to take the ache out of your bones.



The falls at the head of Lowe Inlet splash relentlessly. Except for the odd raven chuckling in the treetops, the rush and gurgle of the water are the only sounds.

Need a warm cabin for drying out those wet clothes? This Fisheries cabin is very cozy.



Just remember to follow the rules about the woodstove and you won’t risk burning the cabin down.



Almost there. Running home down Grenville Channel.  Beautiful trip but there’s no place like home.

12 thoughts on “West Coast Visit (Part 3)

  1. wordsfromanneli Post author

    I just realized you can’t read the sign in the cabin unless you click on the picture to make it bigger. They’re all nicer when they’re bigger. Thanks for visiting.


  2. townspirit

    Looks like home is beautiful too. What an intriguing little hotspring cabin! B.C. sure is rich with scenery and springs. Thanks for letting us follow you on your trip.



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