Sticky Buns

Saturdays from about nine until noon, the Farmer’s Market is a big attraction at the local fairgrounds. One reason to get there early is to be sure of finding a place to park so you don’t have to walk a mile. The other is to try to beat the line up in front of the baked goods booth where the best sticky buns in town are sold.

These huge homemade buns are like cinnamon rolls with a topping of baked on maple flavoured syrup and pecans. To die for! It’s like an addiction. My friend and I rush from our car to get in line even though the sticky bun baker hasn’t opened her stall yet. We get in line behind about ten people who are already waiting and in no time twenty more fall in line behind us. These sticky buns are famous.

We check our watches every two minutes, waiting for the magic 9:00 a.m. opening time, commenting on the passersby and calling out to friends going by.

A dog fight catches our attention. I’m glad we’re safely out of the way of the ruckus. “Wish people would keep their dogs on a leash. Did you see that schnauzer almost trip that woman?”

“Yeah, she spilled her coffee.” My friend shakes her head. “They shouldn’t even allow dogs in here where there’s food served.”

The baker uncovers the sticky buns and announces that she’s open for business.

Several people and one shaggy dog crowd closer to the table. The line splits into two, as the baker’s helper serves people as well.

“Good thing we got here when we did,” says my friend. “Sure hope they don’t run out of buns before we get to the front of the line.”

“No, I don’t think we need to worry. I see a whole bunch more on cookie sheets under the table.”

A shaft of sunlight comes streaming through the stall at an early morning angle, lighting up the sticky buns on the table as well as those underneath. The shaggy dog shakes himself. The beam of sunshine highlights dog hair everywhere as it floats through the air. I feel as if I’m watching the whole thing in slow motion. I’m horrified to see the dog hairs landing one by one, two by two, too many to count, right on the trays of sticky buns under the table. It’s not as if you can brush the hair off them either.

We get the last of the sticky buns from on top of the table and as they bring the trays up from underneath I know it’s the end of an era for me. I make a promise to myself.

“This will be my last sticky bun. My addiction is cured.”

41 thoughts on “Sticky Buns

  1. The sticky buns look SOOO good! I may have to make some…maybe. I wouldn’t let that one experience with the dog, stop me from getting there early to buy a few buns at the next farmer’s market. I am surprised the vendor didn’t have the buns covered with plastic or foil or something! In any case, keep enjoying this small indulgence and don’t let anyone ruin it for you! 🙂


  2. I would eat them – dog hair- or not. Hmm they look delicious. But I agree, those goodies should be covered with some foil and dogs should be kept on a short leash or kept at home, it’s no fun for dogs to be at such events anyway.


  3. I’m kind of glad you ended the story that way. It’s 11:30 a.m. I can’t look at a scrumptious sticky bun like that without drooling! But, since imagination is all I have in this case, I can imagine those dog hairs very big and very numerous and my need to sink my teeth into a shaggy bun isn’t so insistent! (I’m also not going to scroll up to see the picture again.)


  4. I get it…exact reason the Bellingham Farmer’s Market does not allow dogs in the area..some people still think the rules are not made for them. We pet owners need to be responsible for our loved ones and realize that others do not enjoy our pooch’s hair in their food..nor do we!!
    Great “”Food for Thought” Anneli


  5. You’ve really never had a sticky bun since then? You should get the recipe, then set up a stall next to that one and have a sign saying ‘Dog Hair Free’!


  6. Send this blog to the vendor of those delicious sticky buns. Maybe she will cover them up and we all can indulge again!


  7. I don’t know who she is but I hope she reads it. I like Dawn’s idea best. (See her comment above). People don’t need to bring their dogs to the Farmer’s Market. There are lots of other places to bring dogs but we don’t have them in restaurants, and if food is served, maybe they shouldn’t be there. But, oh those were good sticky buns….


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