The Baja Getaway – Part One

As fall approaches, I have thoughts of warm winter holidays. It’s not too early to think about a trip as these things have to be planned  ahead. Some years ago, Gary and I prepared well in advance for a trip to Baja California for a stay of about three months. We had an old but fairly reliable Ford truck then, a Boler trailer, trail bike, and aluminum skiff. For those of you who don’t know what a Boler trailer is, think small. Think very small.

Our plan was to set up an outdoor camp at our destination, 27 miles south of Mulegé, and use the Boler mainly for sleeping. We brought water jugs to fill in Mulegé, and loaded our truck and Boler with everything we might possibly need (not want, but need) to live comfortably in our camping spot.

Being single axle and lightweight, the Boler was quite bouncy,  and Mex 1 was famous for its potholes. Bad combination. The interior trailer contents liked to practice flying as we traveled. No matter how carefully I battened down anything that might move, at every pit stop I knew I would have to pick up whatever box of supplies had been knocked over since the last stop. Sewing kit, paper towels, boots, and bowls—a surprise every time.

At last I had everything secured. But when I opened the trailer door at one stop, I looked into a completely white interior. White powder covered every possible surface. I dipped a wetted finger in it. Flour! I had stored the flour under the bench seat of the eating area. My plastic tub that once held about five pounds of flour, was now only half full, even though it hadn’t tipped over. Under the tub, flour covered the floor. With every bounce, the white powder had poofed out through two new cracks in the bottom of the container.

We were in the middle of Baja. No electricity, so no vacuum. Have you ever tried wiping up flour with a damp cloth? That was out of the question too. Sweeping with a tiny broom using a dust pan for inside the storage bin, I finally got most of the flour out of the trailer. Rest stop over. No chance to rest yet? Better luck next time.

I longed for our destination. In my mind, the only white stuff lying around all over would be the sand. White sand, blue, blue sea. Where are you?

At Ensenada, we pulled to the side of the road by the harbour park. I opened the Boler door and grabbed for the shampoo bottle that rolled towards the door. Much later, when Gary wanted to shave, he couldn’t find his chargeable electric shaver. Some lucky person at the waterfront in Ensenada must have been overjoyed to find that in the ditch after it had rolled, unnoticed, out the door.

A few days later, I was very happy to arrive at our destination and be able to unpack all the rolling things. But before we got there, we had more adventures. Stay tuned for the next installment of “The Baja Getaway – the One that Got Away” on us.

26 thoughts on “The Baja Getaway – Part One

  1. Sonja

    Oh Yuk! Flour all over everything! I am sure the long and eventful trip was worth it, once you arrived. Looking forward to your next installment!


    1. wordsfromanneli Post author

      That’s going to be hard to find within many miles of those places we camped.Just think of the experience and the adventure, Dawn! You’d never forget it. What’s a bit of dust and a few flies in your tortillas? Think “Survivor.”


  2. Gladys Schmidt

    i can identify with your mishap. I’ve never had flour on everything – only ketchup! Easier to clean up. Waiting for next installment.



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