Baja Getaway – Part Eight

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After descending the Santa Rosalía hill, the last of the challenges of bad roads and mini disasters were behind us, we hoped. The next leg of our trip would bring us to our destination in about two hours.

Luckily we had been forewarned not to try to take our rigs through the town of Mulegé. We unhitched and drove only the truck into town. Some of the streets were narrow, most were one-way, and the buildings that came right out to the corner of the road were not about to move to make room for anyone requiring a wide turning space. Trailers not recommended. We headed straight down the main street, filling up a couple of 20-litre jugs with drinking water from the agua pura shop before visiting Saul’s Tienda for any and all sorts of groceries we felt we might need for the coming week. With our supplies loaded, we drove back to our rigs and hitched up again for the last part of the trip to the beach where we would be setting up our camp, 27 miles south.

El Requesón beach is very picturesque, but a bit too touristy for our liking so we continued on a little farther to a much quieter beach. There we set up camp, putting much of our camping gear in the palapa to make room in the Boler for sleeping and unpacking more than the basic necessities. This was to be our home base for the next couple of months.

The next morning, the sunrise alone was worth the long drive, and life would only get better from this point on.

32 thoughts on “Baja Getaway – Part Eight

    • I know, Darlene. You’re a five-star hotel person. Not everyone wants to wrestle with tarantulas and do Evel Knieval bike rides, but it’s so much fun (after you survive it). Sometimes I wonder if a Corona and room service wouldn’t be a nice change.


  1. I love this journey… the fact you can move on as you don’t enjoy a place is one of the benefits of towing a rig… and now you setting up for a few months… how wonderful…. exploring the surrounds from there I assume… what lovely photos to go with the story… thank you..


    • That was our first “roughing it” trip, but we liked it so much that we came back a couple of years later with a little bit better rig and more of an idea what to expect, and had a great time then too.


      • This is something Linda and I want to do when I finally retire.. a rig and off we go just travel around our own country and the neighbouring ones, stop where ever till we tire of the place and then move on… can’t think of anything better… just wrapping up the final things in our new business.. and once it’s up and running and basically self supporting with one of the younger ones managing it…. we’re off…


  2. It’s great being self-sustained and in a rig that provides all your basic comforts (you’ll want more than a Boler!!!!!) but that was a good start for us. We’re heading to Montana soon in our much more comfortable 19 ft. trailer (still humble) and know we’ll have a good time. Life is an adventure waiting to be experienced.


  3. Fantastic pictures!And I enjoyed the text to go with them very much.It’s so much better to travel like this than staying in hotels and sitting around with all the tourists.


    • Everyone has a different idea of the best kind of holiday to take. It’s a good thing we have choices to do what we like. Thanks for visiting, Feusi. I’m sure you would have loved a camping trip like this one.


    • That’s great. Well, at least you’ve been able to read about some do’s and don’t’s in my blog. More info in my book Orion’s Gift. It’s available as an e-book for $2.99 and the paperback will be out shortly.


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