Camping in Paradise

Community Center at the town park

This aesthetically pleasing building stands near the entrance to the community park and campsite of a small, small, super-small town in northwestern Montana.

Stage? Bandstand? Gazebo?

This too was a part of the park and campsite. Everything was neat and tidy.


Camping was free. Water and electricity provided. Peace and quiet. What a beautiful spot.

Farming country

The countryside near the campsite was full of life. Upland game birds, like pheasants, sharp-tailed grouse, and Hungarian partridge hid in the fields along with the odd porcupine or skunk, while mink slipped through the brush near the creeks. Many types of songbirds, especially meadowlarks flitted here and there.

Find the pheasant

If you click to enlarge this picture you may see the pheasant hiding to the left of the center fencepost.

Next time, another installment of our stay in the beautiful state of Montana.

16 thoughts on “Camping in Paradise

  1. Feusi

    This camping spot really looks good – and for free!!!Nice pics again, thanks for entertaining us (the poor people who have to tough it out at home).I am looking forward to the next part of your holidays.


      1. zannyro

        🙂 Breathe in some for me 🙂 Would you also take a moment and stop somewhere where you won’t feel embarrassed and yell out…” Hello Sam!…Mom says Hi!”..hehehe


  2. Sonja

    Beautiful photos! I would love to be there and I’d find it very difficult to leave, I think. Just give me a comfortable place to sit, a good book to read, and a deliciously fresh cup of coffee to sip. Definitely paradise! I’ll bet the birds were chattering away while you were there. Peace at last…beautiful.



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