The Dry Summer Ends

Grass fires

Like many parts of North America this summer, a lack of rain drove the fire hazard rating to “Extreme.” As we drove through eastern Washington, Idaho, and western Montana, smoke from forest and grass fires covered the skies with a smoky haze. Farmers worried about anyone parking on their grassy side roads in case a spark from a hot engine might ignite the tinder dry grasses. Some told us that their own harvesting equipment started fires, but they had to get their crops off, so it was a risk they had to take.

Luckily we had a rainfall soon after arriving in Montana. That took away some of the concern, but as we drove around we saw many burnt patches where fires had raged not long before.

Scorched Earth?

Luckily, the dry spell is over. About ten days ago, the wind whipped monster raindrops around, drenching the ground and bringing the clay gumbo into play.

The snow is next. Days are getting much chillier and nights are frosty. Still, some days as recently as a week ago, felt like summer, but the nights tell the story. Winter is coming soon. No more forest or grass fires for a while.

22 thoughts on “The Dry Summer Ends

    • Thanks for traveling along. I’m cheating a little bit because it’s easier to put more pictures and not write as much, but I hope to get back to my usual writing soon. Meanwhile, I’ve enjoyed taking photos of such a beautiful state.


      • Nobody says you can’t have some photo heavy posts. 😀 But if you need a topic for writing, you should join in the “things i love” posting. All you have to do is write about something you love that inspires you and why. You can tag it on WordPress as “Things I Love” or on Twitter as #thingsilove so others who are doing it too can find you.

        Plus I’d be interested in knowing about things you love that inspire you. 🙂


  1. Again, great pics! It looks so sad when whole fields and grassy areas are burned – even worse when forests are burned! But now we can start worrying about mountains of snow (at least in some parts of our planet). You are lucky to live on this beautiful island where big amounts of snow are no worry.
    Here we should get the first snow by maybe Sunday (can´t wait to shovel…). Never mind, I didn´t even mow the grass yet in my garden – too late now I guess.


  2. Hi Anneli,
    I visited Montana a long time ago and loved it. Big skies! On a sad note,
    our friend Ian Rudkin passed away yesterday; I just found out this afternoon. Take care. Gina.


  3. There were sure a lot of scenes like these this year and I’m very glad that is over for another year! Here we have had a lot of rainy days and even some snow at the valley levels. The fire season is over for 2012!


  4. Oh, if I would have known this, I would have sent a lot of rain to there. 🙂 Here in Finland it has been raining record-breaking and it has continued in fall also. First snow we got two nights ago.

    Thank You presenting these photos.


    • Ha, ha! That rain would have turned the clay soil in the country roads into slippery gumbo, so maybe the frosty dry weather is better. But it’s good that the heat is gone and the fire hazard is over.


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