February 14 is Valentine`s Day, and while most people, including me, will be focusing their attention mainly on their significant other, I want to reach out to visitors to my blog, especially the faithful followers, to let you know that I really appreciate your visits and comments. Each of you have made me feel that blogging is a worthwhile undertaking. I am getting to know people from all parts of the world. I love to hear about you; how you live, what your talents and hobbies are, and what your special interests are. I look forward to seeing who has come to visit my blog and who has left me a note. Each day something new awaits me in the blogosphere.

I have been blogging for almost two years now and have noticed that some people still think my name is pronounced like “A Nellie.” I know my name is a bit unusual and probably a puzzle for most people to decipher so I feel I should introduce myself to those bloggers who are not close friends or family (and already know me). “Anneli” is not really that hard to pronounce if you think of it as “Anne” and “lee.” Put them together and you have “Anne-lee” but spelled “Anneli.”

I am always pleased to meet you on my blog or on yours.

In a recent post I included a photo of a rosebud trying to bloom all through our dreary winter. I thought you might like to see what it looks like when it’s in bloom. Royal Sunset is one of my favourite roses. This one is about 25 years old and has survived three or four moves. It has a sweet, delicate aroma that makes this rose as pleasing to the nose as it is to the eyes.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my blogging friends!

Royal Sunset2

34 thoughts on “Appreciation

  1. Thanks for your kind words. My baby daughters birthday is on the 15, so if it weren’t for her birthday, most years Valentine`s Day would pass unnoticed. Grin, that rose looks good enough to be the center piece of a sweet fruit salad..
    Happy spring gardening


  2. Anneli,

    You too are appreciated. Thank you for your explanation of your name. It allows people another way to get to know you… reminds me of the phrase: “a rose by any other name . . .” The rose and its story are a lovely gesture in a world that focuses on everything but. Happy St. Valentine’s Day Anneli! – Renee


  3. Yes the dreaded Valentines day… used to appreciate the day when I was young, when cards were sent anonymously to those that you fancied, and one hope you got a lot in return… those days seem to have past and today all one sees is the commercialism of the day with shop touting wares of extreme price… I don’t know Anneli, I think it’s lost that special day it used to be… but then I’m getting on and to each their own, maybe this is what this generation will remember as being better years from now… Happy Valentines to you and I love your blog and the fact you are always commenting on mine… So I must say thank you to you for your interest…


    • Okay, Rob, I have a possible solution for you. The same things bother you about Valentine’s Day as what bothers me – the commercialization. So, two things you can do. Ignore the commercials and do something special for someone you love. Wash dishes for them or take them for an outing to the park, or anything that you can do to make that person feel special and loved. Second, you could do a search of my blog for last year’s Valentine’s Day post and read my story called Redemption. I love that story (even though I wrote it myself). I’m not vain – really. (But I do laugh at my own jokes.)


    • Doing something romantic is good but it needn’t involve spending a lot of money. You’ll have to be the judge of that part. But showing a little love will most likely bring a little more your way too, so go for it! And thanks so much for visiting my blog, Lawrence.


  4. Beautiful post, and happy Valentine’s day to you too. I love visiting here! And I am probably guilty of mispronouncing your name as I read it the German way, I just can’t help it. In my mind, you’re A-neh-lee. 🙂 I’ll try and change! XX Have a fabulous day and keep rocking.


    • You have it exactly right, Nicky. That’s how it was pronounced by my mother, only in the early days it was always followed by two other words. She would call me like this: “Anneli! Geschirr waschen!” For those who don’t speak German I have to translate. It means, “Anneli! Come wash the dishes!” We came to Canada when I was six years old and my name was pronounced the Canadian way after that, but hearing it said the German way just takes me back to my childhood and the way my mother said my name, so don’t bother changing it.


  5. Thanks for clearing up the pronunciation of your name. I wasn’t sure about it. I thought maybe it was either “A Nellie” or Anne Ellie. I was wrong on both accounts. That Rose is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us. I can almost smell it. I take a lot of photos of flowers, and post them on my blog too. I have no idea the names of any of the flowers other than roses, or of plants for that matter. Some day I may be come to you for help on that matter. Have a lovely Valentine’s Day.


    • I used to know the names of all the roses in my garden and I’d recognize them in other gardens, but there are always new breeds (would you call them that?) of roses with new names so it’s hard to keep up with them. I do have a couple of favourites that haven’t gone out of fashion though, and Royal Sunset is one of them. Don’t worry about mispronouncing my name. So many people do. That’s why I thought I’d mention it on this post.


    • I certainly am, and hope you are too. I told Gary not to bother with flowers but he came back from town with steaks and flowers anyway. It has been a good day of mutual appreciation. I think we should make Valentine’s Day happen at least every six weeks, don’t you?


  6. Beautiful rose! Nice to know you in the blogosphere too! You are hands down the most supportive visitor to Town Spirit, so most heartfelt thanks to you 🙂 Have a lovely Valentine’s Day.


    • You have a very informative blog on northern living. I just wish more people knew about it. There must be a lot more people in the north (or interested in the north) who simply haven’t discovered you yet. So anyone reading this can just go to your link on my blogroll and check out Townspirit. I love checking in and finding out what’s new up there. And thank you. Valentine’s Day was great here in our household. The dog got to lick the plates today because we love her too.


  7. Such a beautiful photo. What comes to Your first name Anneli, do You know that it is very common in Finland? My delayed Happy Valentine’s Day to You. We drove yesterday 11 hours to our home from the Arctic Circle on snowy and icy roads. All went well.


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