Julia’s Violinist

I’m very pleased to announce that my third novel, Julia’s Violinist, is about to be published. More information is available  on my other blog, Anneli’s Place, at http://annelisplace.wordpress.com However, I do want to share a bit about the book with you here today.

What did the residents see from their windows above the town square?

What did the residents see from their windows above the town square?

Terrible things happen in times of war. It is more than armies from opposing factions doing battle. The tragedy of war affects not only soldiers, but civilians who deal with its fallout before, during, and after the war.

I wanted to tell a story about the ordinary people whose psyches and lives were deeply changed by the horrors of war.

In Julia’s Violinist, my main character, Julia, wants nothing out of the ordinary from life – just a bit of love and a happy family. Like many women  of her time, Julia’s life is changed by dire circumstances beyond her control. My novel tells of her loves and losses, her strengths and weaknesses, her kindness and her deep sense of responsibility. Above all, it tells of her survival in the most difficult times when postwar atrocities were rampant. Everyone had something to avenge and times were terrible for the vanquished.

Yes, I’m telling the story from the perspective of the losers, but I hope I have managed to tell it without prejudice.

Romantic castle or dank refugee housing?

Romantic castle or dank refugee housing?

I hope you’ll be checking out Julia’s fate as she struggles to regain the happy life she once had. Perhaps a letter from her first love, twenty years after they parted company, will help her. Or perhaps this last spark of love will be the one that lights a deadly stick of dynamite and causes everything normal in her life to crumble.

Front Cover Only

Julia’s Violinist is available in e-book form on amazon.com. Click here: http://amzn.to/YerEJ7

Paperback version will be available soon on all amazon sites.

For all e-reader types, you can download Julia’s violinist from Smashwords.com. Click here: http://bit.ly/VzlHFR

29 thoughts on “Julia’s Violinist

  1. To everyone reading this: I had the great good fortune to read this book as Anneli was writing it. I love Julia, the woman, and Julia the book. I don’t want to include any spoilers so I’ll stop now. Do read this book


  2. HUGE congratulations, Anneli, that’s totally amazing. I can’t wait to get my hands on this ~ as you know, this is close to my heart! Love the cover too, absolutely brilliant. Happy launch day!!! XXX


  3. This sounds like an awesome book! I will have to get a hard copy from you…We will have to figure out logistics or would I be able to get it online?


    • The easiest way for you to get it in Mauritius (either e-book or paperback) will be through amazon.com. They will send it to you. The paperback version will be available by the end of the month, I would guess. By the first couple of days of March anyway. Thanks for visiting my blog, Pooben.


  4. I am happy that You continue writing.

    I am curious about photos. In the first photo I can read the text “Möbel lager” which means furniture warehouse. From where is it from?


  5. Hi Matti. The first photo is of the town of Saaz, now called Zatec. It was once in Austria-Hungary, but is part of the Sudetenland area that was given to the Czechs at the end of WWI. It’s west of Prague as you get closer to the German border. The second photo is of Schloss Sternberg about ten km from Koenigshofen (now called Bad Koenigshofen) a small town in Bavaria. The reason you can read the German sign in the first photo is that this town of Saaz was home to about 20,000 Germans who were driven out at the end of WWII, along with the expulsion of all the Sudeten-Germans in that border area. This is partly the background of the setting of my book but I’ve written a love story around those events. I try not to take sides because everyone has a reason for doing what they do. I just wanted to write a story of many that might have been told of that time and place.


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