Underwater Surfing Without a Board

What is this guy doing in the water? Swimming? Trying to let the wave pass over him so he can continue to swim in peace? Whatever it is, the locals aren’t sure whether to be alarmed or not. Luckily he’s a good swimmer and the waves are not dangerous here. But I bet he’s getting water in his ears … and maybe a little bit of that sand that’s being churned up.

Chacala, north of Rincon de Guayabitos

Chacala, north of Rincon de Guayabitos

The little boy and girl must be in awe of the wave pummeling the man, maybe imagining the terror they’d feel in his place. See the protective hand of big sister on her little brother?

How good a Mexican holiday looks to me right now as the wind howls outside and the cold rain pelts my windows here at home.

26 thoughts on “Underwater Surfing Without a Board

  1. I see this, and I panic. If that were me in the water, I’d be passed out cold by now and probably no more of this earthly world. Awesome photo though, and interesting how it inspires a whole host of scenarios to get a story going!! X


    • Beyond the surf it’s quite okay and the water is salty enough to float a poor swimmer like me. Even standing vertically in the water, it would float me, but this business of getting tangled up in the surf, well it’s more like getting sandblasted.


  2. That photo looks like the wave is big enough to reach those children. Last week, I put up some warm, sunny photos on my blog for the northerners. Guess I’ll have to find some more. Hang in there. Spring is almost here. Good for you. Sad for me. Winter is the only time I enjoy living in the heat-like-hell-land where I live.


  3. But your winters are probably like our pleasant fall weather. If you had our winters you’d feel differently after a while. I did appreciate the sunny photos on your blog. Keep posting those. It’s still dull and gray and cool here. Thanks for visiting my blog, Lori.


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