Two Extremes

You don’t get so many sunny days in Mexico without paying a price. Many smaller rivers dry up over the hot months and water is at a premium. People who have lived with little water for centuries must have also learned to live without the benefits of its cleansing power. I think many people in Mexico have just given up trying to keep everything clean when the dust blows everywhere and water is precious. I’ve often heard it said that Mexico is dirty, and in many places, I suppose it is, by our northern standards. But that isn’t necessarily the case everywhere.

The tourist business keeps the economy going in many of the coastal towns and the townspeople are making a big effort to fight the constant dust that blows through every building. I’ve found an example of what happens when no one cares.


Can you imagine what the chicken will think when it comes across that broken shell of her unborn child?


The residents of Guayabitos are trying to make their town more beautiful and gradually, I think they’re succeeding. At first I thought the garbage can was not particularly aesthetically pleasing but then I realized, that’s the whole point. There is a garbage can and they use it.

It must be hard to care about appearances when there is so much poverty all around, but my hat is off to those townspeople who are trying to make a difference by cleaning up their properties and street frontage. I’m more likely to come back to a place where people care enough to keep it clean.

20 thoughts on “Two Extremes

  1. Like you, I am more inclined to return to an area that exhibits the pride of cleanliness. Sadly though I see trash spread through some of the area here too. It is mindless.


  2. Sadly we are beginning to see a retrogression to just so uncaring in certain areas of our land…. and it is not for the lack of money but rather to the corruption that is taking place in some towns… moneys that were in the past used to keep the towns clean and tidy.. now line the pockets of officials earning exorbitant salaries for little or no work… these areas are suffering now from a lack of tourists…. and because of this slowly dying…


    • Very sad to see that. All we can do is try to set good examples and encourage cleaning up areas. Very hard to make a media pitch to the public when the officials in charge are more concerned with lining their own pockets.


  3. I like that very much – because it makes people more sensible, of what they do to their surroundings and nature …. Food and trash don’t belong together – also people who put trash such as old meat in our daily food get should punished harder.


  4. Lovely post, though according to my farming grandmother the chickens will probably eat that eggshell and then learn to eat their own eggs as a result!

    She used to crush up the used eggshells from the kitchen, so that her chickens would eat them without recognizing that they were eating eggs, to avoid having them start eating up their own eggs.


  5. Litter is one of my pet hates. I think it was drummed into me as a child and I know I’ve done my fair share of moaning to my children – not that I’m complaining as it has had the desired effect.


  6. Wow, beautiful trees in that second picture. I like how you are showing us all sides of your travels, not just the pretty stuff. Maybe where we are isn’t perfect, but at least nowhere else is perfect either!


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