Easter Special

I don’t often promote my books on this blog in the form of a post but I wanted to let my followers and visitors know that all three of my novels are available as e-books in all formats, 75% off the regular price for the rest of this week, until April 1.

This Easter Special brings the price down to 99 cents. That’s less than the price of a hamburger that you would enjoy for a far shorter time. Also, reading my books won’t make you gain weight, but they may get your blood pressure going up a little bit. I hope they will, anyway.

So what you do to get these e-books, is to go to smashwords.com and do a search for each of the titles, or click on the links that I will provide at the top of each cover photo. When you click to buy the e-book it will say $3.99, but when it is time to pay, you put in the coupon code for each book and then it will only cost you 99 cents.

For “Julia’s Violinist” click here. Then use coupon code UA79E.

Front Cover Only


For Orion’s Gift click here. Then use coupon code DZ34A.

Orion's Gift

For The Wind Weeps click here. Then use coupon code DD26B.

The Wind Weeps

I hope you enjoy these e-books.

14 thoughts on “Easter Special

  1. Ursula

    Hahaha! Too bad for me. I bought them for the regular price. But your books are much more worth than that! I would buy them for a higher price than the regular one. Great reading and certainly worth the money! You better hurry up to write another book. Double the price and I will buy it right away. So, get busy!!!


    1. wordsfromanneli Post author

      Ah, but those were the paperbacks you bought, right? Not the e-books. I’ll do my best to write that next book too. Glad to have a customer/fan waiting in the wings. Thanks, Ursula.


      1. bulldog

        I’m going to share this on Google plus with my followers there and hope it does something for you… I would love to be your agent if not so dam busy panicking about being my own with this computer software…



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