Food Fun

My sister likes to post creative ways of presenting food on facebook. If it’s not too complicated, I try the “recipes” (I suppose you would call them recipes, although sometimes it’s more like a construction project.)

Around Christmas time she posted some creative penguins, made from olives, cream cheese, and carrot pieces. I made a little penguin choir and took them across the street where we were invited to dinner. One by one the penguins disappeared from the choir until only a soloist was left. He was dying to go join his friends so I euthanized him and made us both happy.


Tonight we’re invited out for dinner and I wondered what to bring besides the usual bottle of wine. I thought of my sister’s latest creative critters that she had found and posted. I’m not sure what they’re supposed to be, but my guess would be friendly alligators.

Here they are all dressed up and ready to go out to eat (or be eaten). The guests will each have to draw on their primitive instincts and wrestle one of these gators into submission before dining on them.


Do you have any special fun foods you like to make?  Leave a comment and tell us about it.

33 thoughts on “Food Fun

  1. Carmen

    This food is soooo unique – I have never seen something like this before ! In Germany you could win a prize as a “cooking – star” with this and show it in these daily TV – shows for cooking ! She should write a cooking book with pictures in it – this would be a bestseller !


  2. Lori D

    Ha, that’s cute. I think the second batch looks like lizards, which we have plenty of here in Florida, don’t need anymore. We could use a penguin or two, but I don’t think they’d survive the heat or a dinner party for long. 😉


    1. wordsfromanneli Post author

      You’ve got me laughing. I had to look carefully at Picklediles. I read Picadilly at first. Olive Oil in Picadilly. Anyway, we had fun with these at dinner last night. Some were a bit hesitant to take the first bite. Must make friendlier appies next time.



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