Susie Strong

For Susie

Susie Lindau is going on another Wild Ride. For those of you not familiar with her story please take the time to check out her blog post here:

Your blogging community is thinking of you, Susie. You’re very brave and will look back on this day many years from now   and know you were strong. You have a great attitude and we’re proud of you.

14 thoughts on “Susie Strong

  1. bulldog

    Thanks for the intro here I had not found her blog before this and have now joined to follow… living with a triple survivor.. I find Susie’s attitude good and correct… kick butt is the right way to go and she will be a survivor…
    Linda’s attitude has always been that way, and it was an eye opener when going for radiation and chemo to see the others so down and out about there circumstances… we always tried to cheer everyone up and to change attitudes from defeated to fighter.. Susie is certainly not lacking in that department…


  2. Sonja Forrester

    Thank you for introducing Susie’s blog. I love her attitude and strength. Reading her story reminded me of some of my own struggles a few years ago. It is all in how you deal with things. Keep a positive attitude, a sense of humor, and you can get through almost anything. I have signed up to be a follower of her posts, and look forward to hearing that she is cancer free and has a glorious new set of boobs! 🙂 I wonder if one gets to pick and choose the size and shape. I am constantly amazed at the marvels of medicine. Thank you again for sharing this story, and your photo is beautiful.


  3. susielindau

    Oh Wow! I have shivers all over. Thank you so much for this post! I truly believe that my prognosis is so great because of all the prayers and positive thoughts. I felt all of them! I think that because of you and other bloggers, my story went out to the world exponentially! The original results of the biopsy came in the mid-twenties for recurrence, but the tissue tested at the Mayo clinic dropped into the 13%! What???? No chemo!
    Thank you so very much. The blogging community is very real and the very best because of people like you!


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