Lunch with the Birds

For lack of a good telephoto lens, I’ve had to sneak closer to the birdfeeder to get more pictures of the red crossbill and his wife (who is yellow, but is not called a yellow crossbill). The birds were wary as I did not have the water hose going this time, but I snapped what pics I could get. Here are a few of them just for fun.

He finds it awkward to hang onto the perches on the feeders and so will often take what has dropped to the ground instead.


His wife is more wary. Do you see her on the right by the post? You’ll see her better if you click to enlarge the photo and then click again to magnify it.


Mrs. Crossbill got nervous and flew up into the rhodos, leaving Mr. Crossbill feeling rather vulnerable. So he, too, flew up into the rhodos. She sat perfectly still, but he fidgeted a lot. You can see his antics in the next two photos.

DSCF0718 DSCF0722

Can you find Mrs. Crossbill as she sits very still?


Thanks for coming along to lunch with the birds. Did you notice it was multi-grain for good health?

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26 thoughts on “Lunch with the Birds

  1. This is sooooo good… to capture the nuances of birds as you have is such a self rewarding feeling… I love it, and I know how relaxing and exciting a good capture can be… wonderful job… one doesn’t have to always have photos just showing the birds.. but those like yours that show their behaviour are fantastic… I love it…


      • I don’t think you have to do that Anneli.. but you have to upload to youtube and using the link .. then from there posting on wordpress. Suzanne from windowstothewoods is probably the best one to ask… but I did upload a video to youtube and tried to link to wordpress and it worked… just didn’t post as it was a test and seemed to work..


    • I’ve only ever seen them once before and that was years ago way up island. I’m really happy that they came here. Next year I hope to have a second feeder set up. Need the captain to build another structure like this one with a roof so the seeds don’t get wet. It’s been very popular.


  2. Those pictures are fantastic! Thanks for doing the birdwatching so we can enjoy them too. We have a lot of singing birds around our yard but I can´t get close enough to take some good pictures of them.


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