Miscommunication – Part 2

I realized after I posted Miscommunication last week, that maybe it wasn’t the right time of  year for a post about Oktoberfest. After all, it’s June. But maybe it happened because it has been fall weather as I was going through the old slides and I didn’t remember that it’s supposed to be summer. Now I’m stuck with the September (Oktoberfest) story, so I might as well finish it with a few more slides I found.

One commenter on the last post said how clean everything was. I did find some garbage after all in the slides, as you’ll notice in the first picture.

My guiding job continues, leading the blind man to his favourite beerhall – it was a long way to the Hackerhaus. I wonder where the guy on the right is going with that hammer. Is his name Maxwell? At least it’s not a silver hammer. (Have I lost you?)


The police seemed to enjoy their job, checking out the sights while keeping their tushes warm on their horses on this very cold September day.


The giant green head in this next picture moved up and down, as if nodding, while a recording made some awful dragonlike noises. Great for entertaining the kids (and then giving them nightmares later).


One of many rides I didn’t go on.


In the beerhall, this is the oxen we helped eat, and one of the reasons we decided that we really liked Oktoberfest.


And here is the second reason we stayed to enjoy the Hackerhaus beerhall.


We’re not big drinkers, but the food and entertainment were great and most of all, it was warm in there and we knew it was freezing outside. Late in the evening we left the place. Outside the beerhall, the Red Cross had a first aid station set up for those who’d overindulged. We thought how the Germans had efficiently thought of everything. Feeling very smug, we teetered past them and made our way back to our VW van for the night. Happy.

21 thoughts on “Miscommunication – Part 2

    • I was surprised that we stayed so long. I wouldn’t have suggested going into a beerhall, but it was much different from going into a beer parlour back home. It was like a big party with lots of food and music and it was warm, warm, blessedly warm on that ice cold day. If it hadn’t been for that blind guy I would have missed out on this fun.


  1. Your photos were a great portrayal of the atmosphere of the place. It all looks so festive and everyone appears to be having a good time. Even the police officers on the horses look like they are having a good day.

    How nice that you had your VW van nearby to crawl into after a night at the beerhall. I think I would enjoy the spending some time at this beerhall as well.


    • The van was parked in a residential area nearby, and I still don’t know how we found it in the dark after a few beers, but we did. It was a safe place but we left early in the morning so we didn’t get any complaints. Couldn’t/wouldn’t do that nowadays. The world has changed a lot in 36 years.


  2. Would you say October is a good time of year to go to Germany? Do you think Ken would agree? Let’s go together and you can be our guide!!


    • Sure worked for us! The food was fantastic. The beer was really good and I’m not that much of a beer drinker. They serve them in one liter tankards so one of those lasted me most of the night.


    • That’s great! I’ve avoided beer halls and our drinking establishments at home mostly because of the smoking. You’d go out and then you have to shower and wash all your clothes. I’m so glad they’ve changed that.


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