Crossbill Acrobatics

This morning as the first rays of sunlight hit the firs beside my house, I sat on the deck and snapped some photos using the zoom lens but no tripod. Just my wiggling hands. I don’t claim to be an expert photographer. I only want to have fun with the camera. At least for now….


Right now the birds are making me happy.

No big story in this post; just a series of photos from my birdfeeding station.

If you click on the photos to zoom in, you’ll get more out of these pictures. Check out the beaks and the crossbill’s parrot-like feet.

First Mr. Red Crossbill. If you click to enlarge the photo you’ll see that he has a sunflower seed in his beak.


Then Mrs. Red Crossbill, who is actually yellow. You’ll notice that there’s a brush hanging beside the feeder. That’s for cleaning the green scunge out of the birdbath once in a while. If the brush is handy, I’m more likely to use it.


Now Mr. Crossbill and his antics.


And more of him where he’s not acting so goofy.


See the tail feathers of birds on the far side of the feeder?


The red breasted nuthatch joins our pair of red crossbills to make sure they don’t take all the sunflower seeds.


In the wee hours of the morning (about five o’clock), as I was waiting for my pale mystery bird to appear (the strange bird I saw last week), an uninvited guest showed up under the feeders.


At that point I gave up. I didn’t want to watch this guy digging holes and trying to help me with the weeding.

29 thoughts on “Crossbill Acrobatics

  1. These are magnificent captures… and you are having fun with the camera..what more do you want?.. bird photography is always one of the most rewarding hobbies I know… when you capture the good one the excitement is often not even shared with anyone else… I love it…


    • I need to read more instructions about how to get the settings right. At this point I’m still doing “point and click.” But I look forward to learning more about it, for those rewarding moments you mentioned.


  2. Nice – pix. Eva is feeding hummingbirds but you have big variety, Paul PS – the neighbour’s dog may scare them ??? He barks a lot. Date: Wed, 3 Jul 2013 05:01:56 +0000 To:


    • Thanks, Paul. I have a hummingbird feeder out too, and this year there seem to be a lot more of them. I don’t think the dog barking bothers the birds, as long as it’s not close to the feeder – which it isn’t.


    • NONE! I’m off coffee and feeling better for it. Still love the smell of it when I walk past a good coffeeshop, but I stick to herbal tea. But yes, the morning is the best time. Perfect temperature and all the shy animals are out doing their thing while they think no one else is around.


  3. Crossbills are so colorful and playful. I love to watch them on the feeders. Beautiful photos, Anneli. Thanks for sharing them. I will enjoy looking at them again and again!


    • I’m surprised the crossbills came back and are staying around as long as they are. As for the rabbit, I presume you mean he’s good looking for the pot. He’s plump enough. Tells you he’s been eating well in my garden.


  4. First of all….your view is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The bird story…I loved it 🙂 They are so cute and they feel really safe obviously….Mr. Bunny is up to no good!!! I didn’t know they dug holes! Maybe that’s what digs up my yard…Show us more!


    • It’s not a bad view from here, but there are lots of places in the neighbourhood with better ones. The advantage we have is that we are on the level, not hanging on a hillside, and so I can do much more with the yard, like have a lot of shrubs and birdbaths and birdfeeders. And yes, those bunnies dig holes and nibble at the roots of plants (not good for the plants) and if that doesn’t kill the plant they chomp on the stems and leaves. Rabbits are a gardener’s worst nightmare. Well, remember Mr. McGregor and his hoe? Peter Rabbit?


    • The rabbit kind of ran into the “filming area” where I was waiting to catch a glimpse of a certain bird and yes, he was up to something. I found holes dug all around my shrubs. They like to nibble the roots, I think. I’m not a fan of rabbits in the garden no matter how soft their fur or how cute they are.


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