This is the Life

Who says a dog has to live a dog’s life? Ruby thinks she’s a person and is doing her best to learn English. Sometimes I see her looking at me and I know she’s thinking, “How can any human be so stupid? Can’t she see I want her to play?” She’s very patient with me though. She doesn’t bark at me to throw the ball or to get my attention (unless someone is coming into the yard or our house).

When I put her food down for her, she sits very tall on her mat and waits for me to say, “Okay,” before she goes to her dish. She’s very biddable. She’s at my heels everywhere I go and has to be part of everything. If I go to the computer, she scoots under the desk and stays there until I get up to move to another room. If I go downstairs to watch TV, she lies down beside my chair.

One good thing is that when I brush my teeth, she wants hers brushed too. It’s a nightly ritual for me to put a tiny bit of toothpaste on her brush and say, “Let’s brush your teeth.” She runs to her doggie bed and lies down, always facing me, so we can do her teeth. I never have to get her to turn around. She knows the drill.

Although she’s a hunting dog and is the absolute best for pheasants or other upland bird hunting, she’s a very gentle,well-behaved pet.

She wasn’t always like that. When she was young, the first few weeks nearly killed me. I wanted to kill her at times! (Not seriously, but she did stir some ugly thoughts in me.) Then I would feel terrible for thinking such horrible things about a cute little puppy. But you have no idea what she put me through in those first couple of months. Here you can see the evil in her eyes.


But that was then, and this is now. I’ve bought her a new doggie bed. What do you think? Does she love it or does she love it?

DSCN0097She’s become living proof there is hope for us all.

DSCN0099Oops! She has a bit of cedar in her ear. Well, I’ll think of it as an earring. After all, Ruby is a girl.

42 thoughts on “This is the Life

  1. I love this post… I love dogs.. and where I go in the yard mine are always by my side… begging to play doing anything to get my attention.. Linda’s dog was the runt of the litter (but then she always goes for the runts,, think that’s why she choose me) but when she was going through her chemo and radiation nightmares that dog lay on the bed beside her, never moving unless in the way when she turned. The dog is a night mare when we are all well, and has far too much energy for us older folk, but the minute Linda is not feeling well the dog moves onto the bed beside her and will just lie quietly with her. If Linda ups to go some where he’s with her, never leaves her side.
    My dog has the intelligence of a human, when I locked the one dog in the garage by mistake, and being so deaf I never heard the calls, my dog kept coming to me till I up ed and followed so he could show me my mistake.. Love dogs.. and that cutie of yours looks full of companionship…


  2. You have a lovely hunting dog too, Anneli! πŸ™‚ Are they not the greatest! πŸ™‚ But it wasn’t the first weeks that were “killing” me, it was the first months… πŸ˜‰ Iam sure she loves the new bed! πŸ™‚


  3. I think ALL pets remind us there is still good in this world. Their love in unconditional and they comfort us when we feel there is no one near to ensure us that all will be fine. Ruby is such a sweetheart and has a wonderful demeanor. Her bed looks very comfortable and she obviously enjoys stretching out on it!


    • That’s so true, Sonja. This is why I think it’s so important for kids to grow up with pets and learn to treat them well. It helps foster a love of animals, and in turn, caring for all life. All our pets, cats and dogs, have been very loving – well, okay, I confess we had one neurotic lab, but sometimes they are damaged goods and it’s irreparable, just like with the odd human – but generally, pets give us a lot and teach us to be kind and caring. Someone once said people should think about how their dog greets them, and next time you come home from work or wherever, show that much caring and happiness to your partner.


  4. I LOVE RUBY!!!! I know her now since her puppy-hood and I know what you (both) went through. But I knew it from the beginning on that this is the dog – your dog. I am her auntie and (Paten-Tante). Her bed
    is perfect as we all could see. Give Ruby another kiss from me. Dogs become as good as their masters
    are – and I know you two for a long time now. She is the best dog on this earth for me (since our own dogs
    are long dead).


  5. I just love reading about Ruby. Isn’t she great company for when your husband is away fishing? I’m guessing she’s a Springer? I can tell she is your best pal.


    • Yes, a springer spaniel, bred for hunting upland game birds. She’s excellent in the field, but she’s also the best pet and pal. We were really lucky with her. She’s smart and well-adjusted (now! – it wasn’t always like that). And you’re right. She is good company. Last night we shared pieces of watermelon. I didn’t know dogs like watermelon.


  6. Sie ist sooo süß, liebe Anneli.
    Oh ja, sie liebt ihr Hundebett, das sieht man. πŸ™‚
    Pepper liegt auch oft so da. Das bringt mich immer zum Lachen. πŸ™‚

    Liebe Grüße,


    • I’m sure that’s true. When I’ve lost a pet I’ve often consoled myself with the thought that I’d given that cat or dog a better life than some people have. If only we could fix the world.


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