The Bakery

This photo has a lot of stories in it. I think it would make a great photo for one of those memory games when you look at it and then look away and try to remember what you saw. That wasn’t my intention when I snapped the photo. It was my fascination with the “bakery” that prompted me to take the picture.


What I noticed:

The old man whose arm appears twisted.

Three bicycles, modern for the times (1977).

The man selling cassette tape music – most kids nowadays don’t even know what a cassette tape is.

The woman at the far right and, presumably, her bicycle. She’s shopping for something stored in those burlap bags – tomatoes, eggplants, some kind of sweet potato? – not sure –  and probably green peppers in the farthest bag.

The shabby building.

The bread on the shelves, both high and low.

The reflection in the window – I’m not sure what that was about.

The sacks of flour outside the bakery! Do you think any bugs got into it?


Another nearby bakery had the same storage facilities for the flour – out on the street, on the sidewalk. The firewood for the oven is next to the flour. I’d guess it might be olive tree wood. The long handled lifter is ready for putting the loaves into the oven and taking it out. The flashlight next to it will help determine if the bread is done. I think I’d be at a loss to know how to bake a good loaf of bread under these conditions. More power to the Greek baker who seems to have no problem turning out tasty bread. If there was a little extra insect protein in it, I didn’t notice. The bread tasted good … and I’m still alive to tell about it.

31 thoughts on “The Bakery

  1. How about the crate in front of the bikes, the man’s cane, looks like a white paper/plastic cup in the street, the mans hat and glass next to it. Interesting photos.



  2. The photo would do well as a “fit the conversation to the picture” competition… love that you noticed so much… had to keep going back to see what you had seen… lovely post..


    • When I took that picture I had no idea of all the things going on in there. It was the oven I wanted to show, and oddly enough, that’s the part that didn’t come out so well. There was so much to see in Greece. We loved it.


  3. Greek-Style-Bicycle-Parking. Holds the bikes together and prevents them from falling to the side. What an old crate can be good for!
    Lovely pics- and thoughts!


  4. I really enjoy seeing your photos and your wonderful description of the details. I have never been to Greece, but would love to go. I imagine insects do get into the flour. I would eat the bread too, unless I bit in and actually saw a bug. Then I might pass, unless I was starving, of course.


    • As Victor commented in my last post, Greece has changed a lot. I wonder what I would see if I went back to those same places. I feel the same as you about the bread. We ate the bread baked in our small town (Kardamyli) and this one in the photo was in Kalamata. I didn’t see the flour on the sidewalk in Kardamyli but I’m sure it was no more sanitary where it might have been stacked inside or out in the backyard. But the bread was good and after all, we were camping.


  5. I’m presuming the man on the ground is a beggar. He has a hat turned up as if waiting for coins to be thrown inside. I wondered about the reflection in the window too. Was the oven near there? It almost looks like fire. I’m sure there are plenty of ghosts on the streets of Greece. It’s so cool how you traveled among the people instead of like a tourist.


  6. Your photos are just fantastic. Always quality photos that place anyone in that place.

    Enjoyed this Anneli but REALLY not into cookies with earthworms.


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