Our drive through Austria was scenic.  For the most part we were happy campers. I’ve removed the person  who was sitting on the grass in this photo.

img276a img278 img279

Only once when we took the “extra scenic route” did we get stressed. What could be wrong with this picture?


Notice the road? How narrow it is? How unpaved it is? We were supposed to be on the way to Vienna. The gas gauge was flickering near “E” for Empty and my fingernails had never been so short. Even with the houses here and there, we knew it would be a long shot trying to try to get help so many miles from the nearest gas station.

But we were not in Canada where the wilderness can stretch for hundreds and hundreds of miles. This was the tiny country of Austria and we soon came upon the main road and coasted into the next gas station running on the fumes left in the gas tank.

The suburbs of Vienna were unimpressive, but nearer to the center, it was beautiful.


Here is the huge statue of Maria-Theresa, at Maria-Theresien-Platz in Vienna. In the background is the Museum of Natural History which we wandered through for hours and still didn’t see it all.

From 1740 to 1780 Maria Theresa was the sovereign of Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Bohemia, Mantua, Milan, Lodomeria and Galicia, the Austrian Netherlands, and Parma. Did you know that Maria Theresa’s youngest daughter was Maria Antonia, who later became known as Marie Antoinette? Yes, the same poor woman who lost her head after the French Revolution.

The road around the museum and the statue is beautifully lined with trees. On this “ring” road, tour guides hope for customers who would go for a horse and buggy ride to see the sights. For a half hour trip you would have to pay about $20. That was a lot of money at the time but horses have to eat, too. Still, it was too much for our budget. We had a long way to go yet and had to make the money last.



We waved at other tourists and instead, headed for downtown to spend our money on other things.


***For a love triangle, set in war-torn Europe, please see my other blog, where you can see samples of my writing in Writing Styles – Part 6, taken from my novel Julia’s Violinist. In this novel you’ll be entertained by a down-to-earth love story that men can enjoy as well as women, while learning about how it was in those dark war years in Europe. I don’t like war stories so this is not written to be a portrayal of war. It is a story of ordinary people whose lives are affected by politics they have no control over.

35 thoughts on “Vienna

  1. You can´t get lost in Europe (well, except me, I can).Every little road leads to wherever you want to go, just takes a bit longer. We always use the “scenic route.”


  2. Wunderschön. Ich mag Österreich sehr. In Wien war ich auch schon mal und wir sind auch mit dem Fiaker (Kutsche) gefahren. Aber ich bin scheinbar allergisch gegen Pferdehaare und hatte anschließend rote Augen, die fürchterlich juckten. 🙂


    • That’s too bad about your allergy to horse hair, but I bet the tour was very nice except for that. You’re lucky to live close enough to visit Vienna easily. Thanks for visiting my blog, Martina. Have a lovely weekend.


  3. Your pictures reminded me of my bike ride through Austria 2 years ago. So beautiful and charming – and the food was basic but delicious!


  4. Realised when I got your post this morning that I’d probably missed a few so just going back down the road… don’t worry keep driving I’ll catch you up just now,… Your photos are so beautiful, that I wonder what camera you were using in those days… I’m assuming these were originally slides??


    • Yes, they were slides and as I’ve scanned them, trying to save them from dissolving in the dirt I was inspired to do these posts. I think it was a 35 mm Pentax. I didn’t really know much about using it, but I think I had to turn the dial until the focus looked right. It was a long time ago….I couldn’t just point and click and I didn’t have a steady hand. I was so happy when the easy digital cameras came out. But now I’m ready to try again and learn something about how to take pictures with a good camera. Long way to go! Lots to learn.


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