Germany – The 1977 Road Trip Continues

Germany near the end of September, was chilly, so rather than shiver in our van we sought out warm buildings to spend time in. One night we went to a movie and another day we visited a museum especially about hunting.

We had our little souvenirs from Austria to pin on the German hunting hat, so we were ready for more hunting info from the museum.

DSCN0304img287One of the things that I found interesting was the collection of collars for hunting dogs. This was new to me and I thought at first that it was cruel to have all those spikes in the collars, until someone pointed out that these spikes were on the outside of the collar and designed to protect the dog’s neck from being bitten or gored by some wild animal. The photo doesn’t show the spiked collars (they were in another showcase) but it does show that they were wide and made of metal for the dog’s protection.

img286As we drove on the freeway through Germany we were surprised to see forested areas that weren’t necessarily parks. Europe is so built up that it was hard to believe there was actually a bit of nature left. At one point, I called out excitedly, “An elk! I saw an elk!”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure…. Well, if it wasn’t an elk, it was a really big deer. Pull over here. There’s enough room to park and we can run back to look.”

We pulled off the freeway in a widening of the road under an overpass, locked the van and sneaked back along the side of the road until we got to the spot where I saw the “elk.”

img295Then we saw the fence around them and groaned. “It’s a game farm.”

24 thoughts on “Germany – The 1977 Road Trip Continues

  1. D’you know, I grew up in Germany (I’d have been five… ooops!) but this is like a different world. Maybe it’s because I grew up in the mid-west whereas you’re still quite far South… Great photos and great memories, thank you for sharing!


    • I’m afraid I didn’t take many pictures while we were in Germany. We were either visiting friends and relatives or driving down the freeway, but one thing I remember most about Germany is that the food was SO SO good!


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