Wet ’nuff fer ya?

In 1977 we lived in the Queen Charlotte Islands and thought there was no place wetter in the world. Imagine our surprise when we saw a sign during our stay on Kauai that said, “Wettest Spot in the World.” Apparently Mt. Wai’ale’ale gets about 452 inches of rain a year and five years after our 1977 visit there, it would receive a record 683 inches.

The biggest difference in the rain in the Charlottes and the rain in Kauai is the temperature. Much warmer in this Hawaiian Island.



Near Poipu Beach, our favourite beach on Kauai, we visited the blowhole called Spouting Horn. The water that sprays through this blowhole in the lava can reach as high as 50 feet. A person could stand and watch for hours.

img046On our last day in the Hawaiian Islands, we flew back to Oahu to wait for our flight  to Vancouver. We had all day to explore  Honolulu, so we went to the beach that had interested us the least, Waikiki. I like the quieter  beaches with fewer people. Waikiki was not high on my priority list of places to visit. What an impression it left with me – and not a particularly good one. At that time, Waikiki was notable for having the most cigarette butts I have ever seen in the sand.

img045The zoo was nearby so we wandered through it. I was amazed at the black tongues of the giraffes. How tough their tongues must be to curl around the tree leaves and rip them off.

Sightseeing on foot, we got tired and hungry. We found a hotel that was having a lot of Happy Hour goodies. All we had to do was pay for our drinks. The appetizer portions were generous and best of all, they were free. The idea was to interest us in a stay at this hotel, but since we were on our way home, we had to save that hotel information for our next visit.

They even put on a little performance where a group of Hawaiians danced and banged on the drum between the Tiki torches.

img124At last we had to go to the airport to check in. My husband snapped a quick photo of me near the airport. He was having some trouble getting me centered in the photo and asked me to back up a little. I did and immediately let out a shriek. Strung between those lovely hibiscus flowers was a spider web with a black and bright yellow spider in the center. Can you see the goosebumps on my arms?

img125In the airport, we checked in and then had time to kill before our flight. We wandered through the Duty Free shop and had another big surprise. There, newly arrived in Honolulu, stood our friends from home.

“What are you doing here?” we said. “You’re supposed to be in the Charlottes!”

“Well, what are you doing here?” they asked. “You’re supposed to be in Europe!”

And, of course, after all the explanations, we ended with the unavoidable cliché (and I apologize) – “It’s a small world.”

18 thoughts on “Wet ’nuff fer ya?

  1. bulldog

    Aaah a head for Anneli… how wonderful and what a sweet looking young lady she was too… lol… I loved that you noticed how long the giraffe’s tongue is, something many don’t know, if it licks you there is a fairly unpleasant smell that goes with it… apart from the fairly rough texture of it’s tongue… Tods Hotel in Rhodesia had a tame one that put it’s head through the open window into the Pub every evening to receive whatever titbit awaited it, as kids we often allowed this animal to lick us as we fed it… it took quite an amount of soap to remove the aroma of the giraffe…


    1. wordsfromanneli Post author

      I would never have thought about the giraffe tongue having a strong smell. Maybe you should have fed it breath mints in that pub? Had to smile about me finally having a head. Glad you liked it. It’s much more wrinkled now but I’m still sweet under the old hide! 😉


  2. Gladys

    After wandering around a bit, I’m back reading your blog. Always interesting. Yes, Kauai is wet but I didn’t mind in the least with the temperature warm enough to go for a swim.



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