We’re on the road again. No van this time. No more travels from years ago. We are back to the present. Pulling a small trailer, we are like snails dragging our home on our backs. After driving through scrub land in the state of Washington, we found a perfect oasis near the mighty Columbia River. Wanapum State Park was a great place to stay for the night. All the services were available for trailer hookups, and although our trailer is a very modest one, we especially appreciated the convenience of having electricity.

The grounds were lush and well cared for, but a stone’s throw away, was the semi-arid scrub land reminding us that we were, nevertheless, in the middle of nowhere. The sign posted nearby reminded us of that. It said: “Rattlesnake Area.”


That night, I heard the yip-yip-yipping of coyotes. Ruby, our springer spaniel, gave a little woof and curled up more tightly on her mat on the trailer floor, knowing we would save her if anything came near. In the morning, in the scrubby area near the campground, one of the coyotes was enjoying the warmth of the sun on his coat.


That’s the Columbia River in the background.


I thought this fellow looked very well fed. He posed for me for quite a while, and just when I thought he would turn and run, he sat down instead to enjoy more of the sunshine.


I hope he can read, so he knows about the rattlers. Be careful out there!

23 thoughts on “Coyote

  1. Pretty cool to see a coyote that close! Looks like he’s doing well too. He probably eats rattlers is he comes across them when they are still cold from the night and can’t move fast.


  2. You’re right that he looks well fed! We see ones by the side of the road sometimes and they are usually pretty skinny. So are the ones that come through my yard haha. But I keep my cats inside . . . .


    • Drier, I would guess. Maybe in the spring, after the snow melts, it would green up a little, but by summer I think it would be pretty dry again. I`m not sure. I`ve never come through here in the summer. Maybe someone knows and could comment on this.


  3. Looks a lovely area to be in… and just being out on the road again… wonderful… love the photos.. specially the coyotes.. but I thought they ate rattlers… certainly seen it on TV… but then they can make up anything…


  4. They could very well eat them. Just my own ignorance. I have a terror of one of them biting Ruby, so it hadn`t occurred to me that coyotes would eat rattlers. It makes sense though, as Montucky said, that they would wait until the cool of the evening or any time after that, when the heat of the day is gone, and then catch them while they’re sluggish with cold. So I’ve learned that coyotes like their rattlers chilled!


  5. I think that I like coyotes better than the rattlers. So we need the coyotes and just have to guard our “pets”.
    I have no idea about those animals – here I have to fight the spiders and the ticks – that`s enough for me!!!


  6. Ah yes, “a rattler on the rocks”, please. I can just hear them at their coyote happy hour get togethers. ha ha ha. Looks like a beautiful spot to camp for the night. Stay safe, all 3 of you, and keep sending us updates. Love reading about your adventures. Hugs.


  7. Yes, we do keep her close. I’m not too worried about her tangling with a porcupine. We’ve got pliers for that. But if she tangled with a rattler, she’d have worse problems than we could deal with. As for the coyotes and the rattlers, I was really pleased to hear Montucky’s comment about coyotes eating them because they’re smart enough to wait until it’s cold at night and the rattlers are more sluggish.


    • You definitely have to watch your pets. I remember years ago a family who lived a little way out of town left their big dog outside and when they came home that evening the coyotes had him cornered on the porch. The dog was all lathered up with sweat fighting off the coyotes who must have been taking turns running at him and fighting with him. The owners had come home just in time.


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