You’ve no doubt heard the expression, “Like a bird on a wire.” I think the meaning of this phrase was to describe someone who was “on the edge,” unsure of himself, and struggling to maintain his balance.

This sharptail grouse fit the bill. He was struggling to maintain his balance, as you can see from the dropped wing.

004 007

Can you imagine living in a little cabin and knowing that a hungry wolf lurked outside your door, just waiting for you to step outside so he could tear you to pieces? If you were starving and desperate enough to try to go for help, you might step outside and find the wolf at the door.

It seems that one of the financial institutions didn’t think this one through. By putting a statue of a wolf just outside their door, they are sending the wrong message. “The wolf is at the door”? I’m sure this is not what they had in mind to convey. You can “bank on it.”


Someone had “a bone to pick” and did a very clean job.


By now you might be thinking my blog is “garbage in, garbage out.”

009So I’ll do the noble thing and “get out of town by sundown.”


29 thoughts on “Clichés

  1. montucky

    Those are cute photos of the grouse! Over the years I have seen thousands of grouse, but never once have I seen one on a wire!

    Remember when the wolf is at the door: wolves are delicious when prepared properly!

    Gorgeous sunset photo!



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