Goodbye Sweet Rose

Pervasive gray tones have settled over the whole town. Even the evergreens in my backyard seem to be evergrays today. I love sunshine and blue skies, but I’m too stubborn to let the fog of general grayness seep into my mind and take over my mood. Every day is too precious to throw away that easily. I stepped onto my back deck and perked up when I saw that the rosebushes I had neglected to cut back until now were waving a last goodbye to me. I know that more gray days are sure to come. I had to capture the moment so I could savour the blooms later on when no flowers would be left in the yard  to cheer me up.  These last roses will now live on my blog and in my computer until spring brings on the next cheery flowers.

It’s not that long until Christmas, but I need to say one last fond farewell to my roses of summer.


Goodbye, Queen Elizabeth!


Goodbye, Royal Sunset!


See you in the spring!

26 thoughts on “Goodbye Sweet Rose

    1. wordsfromanneli Post author

      Pretty remarkable to have flowers in the winter so far north of California where you expect that kind of thing. But it was only a couple of strays, and they’ll be gone soon. They’re calling for snow. What will my poor roses do?


  1. montucky

    Those are pretty! Ours have been long gone with the other flowers. Except a few dandelions that are still blooming. They will be gone too about Wednesday when the forecast calls for -2 degrees.


  2. bulldog

    Now where we live if you continue to prune, feed and water the roses, they flower all year, so there by you must get very cold for them to totally rest… do they loose all their leaves??


    1. wordsfromanneli Post author

      Lovely roses I HAD. But thank you. We’ve had -9 degrees since I took that last picture and the wind chill has made it even worse so I think the roses must be dead now. I haven’t gone out to check.



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