Surely, the Last Goodbye?

I was glad I had birdseed in the feeders when I saw the white stuff coming down this morning. Apparently the fox sparrow was glad too.

007I managed to get a quick shot of the rufus sided towhee as well. They’re fairly common around here, but today, no birds were holding still for the camera. They were frantic to peck what seeds they could and flit away to cover. This one sat for half a second before moving on.


My Royal Sunset rose is still trying to hang in there, but how can I prune the rosebushes if these late bloomers keep hanging on? Today I went out to say one last goodbye. Surely, it will be the last goodbye…won’t it?


26 thoughts on “Surely, the Last Goodbye?

    • It’s the same one I said goodbye to last week. It just doesn’t want to quit. I feel sorry for it in the snow, but maybe it helps to cheer up the birds who are just as surprised by the change in weather.


  1. Don´t be sad, next spring is almost around the corner (at least for those of us which are thinking positive). Then the roses start to get back to life and make our lives prettier.


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