What “Old” People do in Bed on a Friday Night

This is a blurb I posted way back when I started my blog nearly three years ago. I had barely any followers then so I thought it was safe to share this one with you as a re-blog.  

Ever wonder what old people do in bed on a Friday night? The voice of experience is about to speak.

They shower and get all clean and sparkling, and snuggle into bed together.  He picks up his Gun Dog magazine, she picks up her library book about the history of Australia and they begin to read.

Hers is by far the more interesting reading so she offers to share it.  She reads and reads, her voice droning away.  Usually this puts him to sleep right away, but the history of Australia is SO interesting that, although she stops several times and accuses him, “You’re asleep, aren’t you?” he perks up and says, “No!  Really, I’m not.  Keep going.”  She goes on, until her eyes are crossing with fatigue and she ends the chapter.

Now, I’m sure you’re thinking, they’ll go to sleep, but no!  The history of Australia keeps them awake. They ponder the primal instincts and hunting abilities of the aborigines.  “Imagine,” he says, “stopping on one leg in mid-step and staying poised like this, motionless for half an hour, waiting for some lizard to become confident enough to step out of its hollow log so you can spear it for your dinner.”

“So glad we have Safeway,” she mumbles.

The old couple ponders and ponders until they ponder off to sleep. Exciting Friday night entertainment. Not every Friday night though…

33 thoughts on “What “Old” People do in Bed on a Friday Night

    1. wordsfromanneli Post author

      I started reading late (as a young adult) and haven’t stopped. I’m so glad your husband found reading. The challenge when you’re getting started is to find books that are of interest and not boring. That’s not easy at first when you don’t know what’s out there or what you might be looking for.



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