The Ups, Downs, and All Arounds of Trees


The sun warmed a spot through the clouds for about twenty minutes this morning, very low in the southern sky. I rushed to the beach with my camera to catch the rare light. A David-and-Goliath battle was raging between two formidable contestants: the sprawling army of thick fogbanks and the solitary feeble rays of the sun. The sun stood its ground and battled bravely, but was soon overrun by the misty masses rolling in like wave after wave of gray-cloaked cavalry.

I resigned myself to making the best of a quick jaunt along the beach boardwalk and my mind was soon re-focused on trees. Though many lined the walkway, some had fallen down, roots drowned in rivulets flowing to the sea.

??????????The fallen soldiers lay here and there beside the boardwalk.


Others stood tall, waving their arms as if to encircle me and cast a spell on me.

017Yet others, tiring of their job of decorating the seaside boardwalk, had no strength left to resist the high winter winds off the sea. The trees were no longer up, yet not quite down. They were “maybes,” the kind of trees the loggers call widowmakers.

??????????See the grandfather tree keeling over and the young whipper-snapper doing his best to hold him up?

Those were the “ups,” “downs,” and “maybes” of the tree world. On the way back to my car, I noticed one more tree that appealed to me. It was the “all around” version.

025So there you go. I hope you’ll find this post was a “tree”t. Yes, yes, I’ve used that pun before, but my bark is worse than my bite and I wanted to come up with a way to thank you for lumbering along with me. I knew it wood not be very witty. It’s really a pithy to make you suffer like that. In future, I’ll try to branch out more and leave all this fir someone else. Maybe soon yew‘ll cedar improvement. Still, you’d better hedge your bets. Thank you so much for logging in to my b-log post.

35 thoughts on “The Ups, Downs, and All Arounds of Trees

  1. very nice pics. You get the salt water that doesn’t freeze and we get the 2 feet of snow. I’m a Manitoban. Nice in summer, but make sure you wear several layers if you want to survive a walk. Otherwise, your nose and cheeks will be nipped by Frosty. Hugs.


      • So glad to meet some wonderful Canadians with so much talent. I’m hankering on driving across Canada meeting everyone. LOL But it would be fun. Do you have arthritis? They say it is not a good place to spend a winter in either the East or West coast because of the dampness. I suffer from arthritis. So I guess the cold spells will do for me until I croak.


    • Yes, I do have some arthritis but it’s not so bad that I want to go back to those extreme cold temperatures just to have lower humidity. I’ve had frozen hands and feet too many times. I’d rather have the arthritis.


  2. One of my favorite posts. On my walk yesterday I was wondering why I am so drawn to trees. They jump out at me as if they were people or elephants or gorillas.


    • That was an accidental photo. I was trying to get a shot of the swans flying over just then, but I didn’t catch them. I liked the trees though. If it hadn’t been for the swans I wouldn’t have thought to look up and take the photo.


    • I was reading your comment really quickly just now and I almost got the last word wrong. I thought it was going to say “which I think is b-lls–t.” Whew! I mind had leapt ahead. So glad my eyes caught up. Thanks for the nice compliment, Rob.


    • Thanks, Meg. I often feel like trees have personalities or I wonder what they felt when they’ve suffered an injury. They’re such big plants, you can’t help but think there’s more than just dull cells in their makeup.


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