West Coast Exploring

It seems like a dull day. But my friends, Monique and Evelyne are about to find adventure.


Photo by Anneli

See the faraway gap between the islands? That’s the way to the Pacific Ocean and they’re going to explore a little as they head in that direction.

P1000517They go by boat with a friend, Ron. His runabout will do, as long as they stay in sheltered waters and the wind doesn’t come up. They strap on their life jackets but the seagulls shriek at them, “Many dangers! Many dangers!”


“And anyway,” he says, “You’ll get wet. It’s raining.”

They put their hoods up and stay close to shore. Good thing too, or they might have missed seeing this elk.

P1000524I’m sure he wouldn’t stood there very long if they had been on land, but quite often animals (deer and bear), don’t expect danger to come from the water. They are much more wary of what approaches them by land.

A bald eagle watches them go by.


Photo, courtesy of Ken Thorne.

On they go towards a large kelp bed. But it seems this seaweed is also a bed for sea otters (not to be confused with river otters). Not only does it hold sea urchins, one of their food sources, but it gives them a place to hide and something to hold onto when they get tired. It is especially handy as a nursery for their pups. Just towards the shore from the kelp is a rather large group of sea otters.


Some of them have clams or other shellfish that they hold on their chest while lying on their back. They hit the shell with a rock they have scooped up from the ocean bottom. This way they can break the shell and then eat the meat inside.



Photo, courtesy of Ken Thorne.

Photo, courtesy of Ken Thorne.

By the end of the day, the sun has made a valiant effort to come out. As it sinks into the Pacific, it paints a fiery glow over the bay.

1809All that is left to do now is sit by the bonfire and listen to Evelyne and Monique tell the wonderful stories of what they saw today.


All photos by Monique and Evelyne except for the first one and the ones by Ken Thorne to whom I have given credit and thanks.

51 thoughts on “West Coast Exploring

    1. wordsfromanneli Post author

      There wasn’t room in the boat for all of us. They were my guests (from France) and we arranged for them to go on this trip. Gary and I had done the trip many times before. Yes, it is really a beautiful place. I had more pictures to post but there were already too many. Maybe a second post sometime.


  1. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    This is great, Anneli. I love not only the clear photos, but your commentary. I just love that fire at the end of the day.


  2. Dawn Hill

    Beautiful Anneli. What memories you and Gary have created for your friends. Were there potatoes on a long stick at the bonfire?
    I remember doing just that in my past life.



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