Who Goes There?

001The snow hangs onto branches like popcorn balls, but the sun is coming out and the snow must go. But before the serious melting began Sherlock Holmes discovered some interesting evidence at the beach.

??????????It seems that this beach was a very busy place overnight and the snow held onto the evidence long enough for a few photos by Mrs. Holmes.

Small creatures walked across the snow. Some kind of bird investigated the freshly exposed rocks and weeds.

??????????Checking out the seafood smorgasbord was a raccoon.

??????????Someone’s dog had gone for a run along the beach, too.

??????????A deer had gone by but the sun was already melting its print.

??????????But what could have made these large prints? We put a toonie in them to show the size. I measured the toonie, and it is about 1 and 1/8 inch in diameter, so the print had to be at least three inches across and a bit longer than that.

cougar [2] ??????????Any ideas? I have my suspicions, but I wonder if we have any tracking experts out there who might verify them. Seriously, it’s not a joke print that we made up. Could it be a cougar track? They’ve been known to walk along the beach to get out of the deep snow.

The snow will be gone in a jiffy. Two Canada geese flew over on their way to tell their friends that spring is on its way at last.


26 thoughts on “Who Goes There?

  1. I would hazard a guess and say it is of the cat family, the back pads don’t show up well but I’d say its a cougar, not bear… aren’t bears five toed? don’t have them here… if that is the case then it can’t be bear but has to be a cat and that would make it a cougar…


  2. The snow looks so pretty in your photos, but I’m happy to hear that spring is on its way to you. The paw print looks like some sort of big cat to me, but I have no idea what kind.


    • My husband is pretty sure it was a cougar, so your cat guess is probably right. I just took a couple of pictures of the scene outside right now. I don’t know what happened to spring, but it’s snowing again!!!


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