Boler Times

If you don’t know what a Boler is, you’ve been missing out. If you haven’t camped in a Boler, you haven’t lived! Boler camping is humbling if nothing else. If you have an ego that needs stroking, don’t go Boler camping. If you need a fancy rig to pump up your status, don’t use a Boler. If you have to have the luxuries of life every minute of the day, don’t camp in a Boler. But if your ego and self-image are secure and you want an adventure you’ll never forget, by all means buy a Boler and go for it. We did and we have unforgettable memories for the rest of our lives.

Camping in Baja with friends, we were like the poor relations. The little green and white bubble of a trailer is our Boler.

Boulder Patch Camping

The side roads in Baja are often like a giant washboard, and this can be hard on a trailer frame. Too much flexing can land you in trouble as you can see here. “Broken Down in Baja.” Sounds like the title of a good movie.

For a funny story about how we got out of this situation, please visit my post Baja Getaway Part Two (Broken Down in Baja).

Broken down in BajaBut it’s not all misery, unless the tide comes in under the Boler when you’ve foolishly camped on a beach at full moon when the high tide is unexpectedly extra high.

Baja11Eventually there is a palapa and peace waiting by a lovely beach. The tiny living space of the Boler is not an issue anymore because we can basically live outside and use the Boler only for sleeping. Heaven!

Boler and Palapa

Anneli 4

But that was a long time ago. The Boler with its new beefed-up frame has sat neglected, used only for solo hunting or fishing trips. It is time to pass it on to some other young couple looking for adventure. But first, OMG, the mildew has grown on the outside of the poor little trailer.

??????????Nothing a bit of power washing won’t fix.



Now for a bit of TLC and fixing up, and it will soon be ready for more adventures, but with new owners.


I wonder what places this little home on wheels will see next. For sure it will be someplace more exciting than an RV park with all the amenities.

The characters in my novel, Orion’s Gift, traveled on this path, but with newer equipment. If a trip to Baja interests you, have a look at Orion’s Gift. Just click on the book cover image at the side of the page.

44 thoughts on “Boler Times

  1. Anneli–wow! I’m not sure it would be my cuppa, but you make it look so romantic and inviting. Thank you for sharing. It’s wonderful to see you so happy in those photos!! Rock on! X


    • Thanks, Carol. I had such a wonderful time in Baja – that trip and another – that I knew I had to write a novel about it. Everything was there for the novel to take shape. Thank you for reading it.


  2. Hello Anneli, that looks soooo pretty – I wish I would have been there together with You and your husband. It looks there simular as in these Lucky Luke Cartoons….



    Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2014 21:02:44 +0000 To:


  3. Would you take a dollar down and a dollar a week??
    There is something to be said for 4 **** and hot showers at the end of an exciting day.
    But..the memories won’t come close to yours.

    Shaping up nicely Anneli:)


    • I don’t think I could have lived in that Boler if we hadn’t had the ocean next to us for swimming, and also we had a sun shower (camping shower bag). It was interesting to learn how to manage all the life skills under very simple circumstances. And yes, we’ll take a dollar down and a dollar a week, but it might take you a while to finish making payments….


  4. Your camping adventures sounded so wonderful, I feel like just packing a bag and taking off right now! I know you had your share of “misadventures” as well as good ones, but they make for great reading for the rest of us! Your photos are amazing. 🙂


    • Thanks, Sonja. It’s funny how easily we forget the rougher days because the good days are so worth it! You have to like camping though. If you only want to be comfortable and have all the conveniences, you wouldn’t enjoy it. But for campers, it’s great.


  5. Your book is getting close to the top of my stack–getting excited! These are great pix. I love the one with the “flood” haha.


  6. Now that is what I call living… a small bed on wheels… I bet you have many a tale you could share about the Boler… I see we had good hair days, no photos of you with your head removed… lol


    • LOL is right. I forgot to do the “wipe out.” Oh, and many a tale to tell. If you want to test your marriage, get a Boler and try living that close together for a few months.. If you can survive that, you can survive anything. They should come with a warning: “Short trips only.”


      • Linda and I had a venter trailer camper, it was just the size of a bed… the kids slept in a tent next to it… I think we had great fun in those days as it was a good while back… but to do it now with the difficulties of movement that have crept in with age, would not be fun… however I’d still do it again if I got the chance just for the laugh…


  7. The furthest I have gone camping was in my living room, when I was a child. People camp on beaches for Easter in my country. I’ve watched to many horror movies to have the courage to sleep outside without worrying about an animal or the Bogieman getting me :-(.


  8. This little Boler led to a big story – the Baja-Story. I wish you would go for another trip with this Boler-baby and create another story for us!!! I am now waiting for a long time to read another book of yours. I am not giving up the hope!


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