Paddin’ Around Lake Padden

Moving a household is hard work, so after helping my sister-in-law pack boxes all day…001I was happy to follow her suggestion to go for a walk in one of her favourite places, Lake Padden, in the south part of Bellingham, Washington.

021aThe walk goes all the way around the lake, for a distance of 2.8 miles.

014On the way around the lake, we came across this cute little fellow who entertained us by showing us how he ate a cone of some sort. He turned it around and around, chewing, shaking it, spitting out parts he didn’t like, and savouring the rest.

027 028

We continued to the other side of the lake and marveled at how nature works to regenerate growth. From a fallen cedar, many young cedars had sprouted, like so many children standing in a line. The decaying cedar would provide nutrients to get all these young ones started.


Another large tree had fallen closer to the path and someone brought a power saw to carve out his creative idea. I was tempted to sit down to try out the unique benches but they were probably a bit damp and, even more probably, I would find it hard to get up again and continue the walk. After packing boxes all day it would have been easier to stay on the bench and have a snooze than to go on.

036aMy sister-in-law will miss her old stomping grounds, but I’m sure she’ll find new paths to walk at her new home.

32 thoughts on “Paddin’ Around Lake Padden

  1. shoreacres

    I swear. I used toknow someone who lived in Bellingham for a good long time. But of course now I can’t remember who it might have been. No matter – she obviously had a beautiful place to live. Someday, I do hope to get to the Pacific Northwest. Every time I see photos, I marvel at the beauty.


    1. wordsfromanneli Post author

      More work tomorrow and the next day. Then starting on Thursday, the move reverses itself and we have all the unpacking to do. A good walk around the lake today was very refreshing.


  2. Gladys

    Once more lovely pictures and interesting commentaries. It’s good to be back after a 10-day romp in Disneyland and area.


  3. Grace (Lynne)

    Beautiful photograph of the “nursery” log, anneli! I have read children’s stories that explain the forest, mentioning the usefulness of a fallen log on the forest floor; I have never seen a photograph of one. Hope that you both have your feet up and are sipping a lovely cup of tea or…!



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