New Stomping Grounds

032After two weeks of packing boxes and unpacking them again at my sister-in-law’s new place, we took a break to explore her “new stomping grounds.” The trail leading to the beach was a good two-mile walk through ungroomed forest (my favourite kind). This area, near Lacey, just north of Olympia, Washington, gets a LOT of rain in the winter and spring, as you can see by the moss on the trees.

The Hawks Prairie Trail is named after one of the local pioneers (pictured at the bottom of the information sign) and the area around it is preserved in as natural a state as possible.


Ivy is finding a lot of traces of scents left behind by other visitors.


The first glimpses of the ocean tugged at me as I hadn’t seen my beloved seashore for a couple of weeks.

017 015


I could see the old wharf that, apparently, was once a busy loading and unloading place.


Now to get down to it….  An iron structure had been built to make it easier to descend to beach level.


I was impressed, but Ivy was not. She stopped in her tracks and would not budge.


Then I saw why. The gaps in the stairs were too big for her tiny feet.


Luckily, Ivy is tiny enough that she’s easily picked up, so she wasn’t deprived of her romp on the beach.



16 thoughts on “New Stomping Grounds

  1. Ivy misses her “Auntie Anneli”…no one to carry her around when she does her “Diva” act!! Another trail walk soon but who will suggest we listen to the birds singing to us??


  2. I just love the forest photos… and I must admit not so sure about those steps for any dog, it must be fairly painful to their paws… any way what better way is there for a “walk” than being carried up and down the stairs… (clever dog)… and a message to Dawn… nothing quite like the sound of the birds… music created specially for the soul…


    • I’ll be sure to let Dawn know about this comment. I’m trying to turn her into a birdwatcher. There are a lot of birds in her new neighbourhood.
      I agree about the steps. Ivy didn’t mind being carried over them. I wouldn’t have minded it myself by that time!


    • Yes, the forests are extensive but in this particular area huge tracts of land have been bought for development of subdivisions and this parcel is mostly preserved, so far. Along the coast you see a lot of Douglas fir forests and some cedar. Lots of moss from so much rain and shade under the tall trees.


  3. Ivy is adorable. I don’t blame her for not wanting to walk on those steps. Can you imagine how it would feel if you were barefoot and asked to walk on those steps? Ouch! The area looks really beautiful and Dawn might just become an avid bird watcher! What a perfect spot to go and relax. All one would hear is the lapping of the water on the shore, and a few birds singing nearby. I love how their songs echo in the forest. Such a peaceful and soothing environment for healing the spirit. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos, Anneli!


    • You’ve described the area just as it is. I agree, it would be daunting to have to try going down stairs with great holes in them. Ivy didn’t mind being carried over them. I wish you could have been there, Sonja, as I know you love birds too. Lots of them in this place.


    • Ivy is Dawn’s dog. I have Ruby, a springer spaniel but she had to stay home while I went to Dawn’s. The trail is really good – well-maintained and sloping gradually as it gets near the water, but it gets your heart pumping on the way back (which is good for us).


  4. What a beautiful place to go for a walk, I love those pictures and I even can hear the birds singing. Dawn and Ivy are lucky to live in such a nice place. We have plentiful forest around us but the ocean is far away – too bad, but some of us can´t have it all.


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