Hedge Your Best

It’s now or never. Just in, the new  hedging cedars are going like hotcakes in the stores and nurseries. We needed a new hedge. The old fir hedge was on its last legs and we could see them. That was one of the biggest problems – that we could see their legs. The lower branches were weak or gone and on many trees, only the top ones greened out. We could not only see the trees’ legs, but the legs of all the people walking past. Our privacy was disappearing fast.

With the purchase of forty-five cedar trees, the removal of the old fir hedge could begin. We hired a friend to help and the first efforts seem funny in hindsight. The winch on the front of the friend’s truck turned around but the cable on it stayed as it was instead of winding up to pull out the tree trunks. Maybe if the cable on this new “Made in China” winch had been attached to the winch itself, there would have been some torque on it. With no provision for attaching the cable, the poor fellow now has a brand new winch to return.


Plan B was a good one though. The friend’s son had a little bobcat and that made short work of the firs.

007The fun was just beginning. A big mess had to be cleared up before the new hedge could go in.


Meanwhile you may be wondering if I helped or just stood around taking pictures for my next blog post. I did my bit by going to buy the rooting compound, bone meal, and several truckloads of composted soil to add to the extremely sandy soil on our property.


 And now for the new trees – western red cedars. The weight of each of these potted trees was cause for many a groan.


Once the trees were in the ground and the valiant hedge planters had moved along, the robins wasted no time getting at the freshly uprooted worms and grubs…


while the work continued….


 I am now very happy with my new hedge. At first I wondered if the fellows would come through for me. If not, I could always have a wood fence built. I had hedged my bets, and they had hedged their best.




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19 thoughts on “Hedge Your Best

    1. wordsfromanneli Post author

      Drip line gets installed tomorrow and then they’re all set. I hope they grow really big and thick to block out the traffic we never used to have. I’ll be watering these trees a LOT and talking to them, “Growgrowgrowgrowgrow!”


    1. wordsfromanneli Post author

      Thanks! If you click on the photos they can be enlarged. I love seeing the robins find worms and whatever else is in that soil. They’re never far away when I’m turning over the garden either.


  1. zannyro

    What and ENORMOUS job!!! LOL, I would have loved to have seen the truck “turn around”……Your new hedge is going to be so pretty and green….I’m now following your other blog!!


  2. Luanne

    Look at that big fat robin! Ah, I haven’t seen one in so long. When I grew up in Michigan, we had to look for them all the time because they are the state bird of Michigan. Yours is so chubby! Glad you had fun helping out with the project ;).



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