Olympia – the State Capitol


1. the Capitol Building (capitol with an “o”)

2. the capital city of the state (capital with an”a”)

The Capitol Building for the state of Washington is in Olympia. I would love to have taken a photo of it on a sunny day to make it look its best, but during the two weeks I was in the State of Washington,  I think it rained for 13 of the 14 days. I’m sure this is not the usual weather and it has probably been sunny and warm ever since I left.


To one side of the building is a tree that is much bigger than all the rest. It’s a shame that it was not yet in leaf. It must be spectacular in the summer. That’s a four-storey building behind it, and even allowing for perspective, it gives you an idea of the great size of the tree.


Across the street is the Court House for those who choose not to follow the laws laid down in the Capitol Building. It looks cold and austere, almost like a prison.


Down the hill from the legislative buildings we have a view of the dredged estuary of the DesChutes River and beyond it the gateway to the Pacific. These waters are sheltered by many islands and fingers of land that stand between Olympia and the open Pacific. I think  the fog was coating the camera lens when I took these photos, but the fuzziness of the photos helps to give the impression of the kind of day it was. The hood of my jacket was up more than down.



 A few flowering plum or cherry trees (sorry I can’t remember which) added a touch of cheer to the otherwise dull day. I almost didn’t use this photo because the old-fashioned lamp post was right in the middle of the photo, seemingly cutting it in half, but then when I looked more closely I realized, it does cut the scene in half. To the left is spring and cheerful nature, and to the right are the gray concrete, asphalt, and metal of man-made things.


To the side of the Capitol stands The Winged Victory Monument of Olympia, a statue of World War I soldiers with Nike, the Greek Goddess of Victory.



Apparently I missed the best show, a tour of the inside of the buildings. I’m sure it would have been fantastic, but I was too busy pulling my hood up against the drizzle and hurrying back to the car trying to prevent my camera lens from getting too spattered with raindrops.

16 thoughts on “Olympia – the State Capitol

    1. wordsfromanneli Post author

      It’s very changeable right now and more gray days than sunny, but when the sun does come out, we really appreciate it and become energized. Happy Easter to you too, Bente.


    1. wordsfromanneli Post author

      Typical Washington. My apologies to residents of Washington, but most times when I’ve passed through that state, it has reminded me that it’s on the Pacific and there’s a lot of moisture around, much of it up in the clouds.


  1. Dawn

    Would you believe that the sun has been shining ever since you left us?
    Well..for a few days anyway!
    Love the photos Anneli..great memories of our time together.


    1. wordsfromanneli Post author

      I think in the winter and spring it is probably quite typical. I live on Vancouver Island and it is pretty much the same here.
      Yes, I was impressed by the tree, too, even without leaves. Thanks, Meg.


  2. townspirit

    Lovely trees. We don’t see such variety in trees on the prairies so they seem extra special, especially the ones that blossom so beautifully. Autocorrect thinks they should be loveless trees.


    1. wordsfromanneli Post author

      Haha. Autocorrect does a lot of funny things. Wants to make my friend Maggie a magpie when she’s nothing of the sort. I remember trees in Dawson Creek bring rather stunted. Poplars were popular….



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