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Hope Springs Eternal


Hope springs eternal in the human breast;
Man never is, but always to be blessed:
The soul, uneasy and confined from home,
Rests and expatiates in a life to come.

– Alexander PopeAn Essay on Man

I know these lines are not about spring, but I’ve been hoping for spring to come for so long that when the words got a bit jumbled in my brain, I thought of this poem. Pope has me totally confused with his big words all thrown into four lines seemingly at random, but I gather that he too, was waiting, hoping, for something.

I thought maybe the words would make more sense if they were realigned a bit to say:

Hoping for spring eternally is this human beast,

Just when she thinks it’s coming, the day warms up the least.

Her soul is uneasy, inactive too long,

Oh why is the weatherman always wrong?

—  Anneli W.(without) Hope, from “A Messy-Essay of a Woman”

I’m hopeful though. Spring is a time of new beginnings, a time for love. And here are two lips just for you. I found this tu-lip in my garden today.


And here is a shrub that thinks it is quintessential to bringing spring. The quince bush. I started out with one plant but it has definitely had at least quints since I planted it.


And now, here comes my punishment for being so pessimistic about the late arrival of spring. No, that is not Mount Fuji. This mountain of a cloud came to tower over my house just to remind me not to get too happy about the bit of (cold) sunshine we had today. No mountain is hiding under that cloud. It is all rainwater, waiting for me to say the word when I want my flowers and my new cedar hedge watered. Notice the cloud is white though? That’s so I don’t lose heart altogether about spring’s impending arrival.


May it come soooooooooooon!

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32 thoughts on “Hope Springs Eternal

  1. Your blooms are gorgeous and so full of hope.


  2. I do wish the cold winds would cease.


  3. Oh, my. I wish I could send you some of what we have. It’s suddenly more than spring – this was a week when the heat and humidity were high enough to make me kick off my shoes at work, and work up a sweat. I’m going to try very hard not to gripe about the heat – not yet, anyway. I’ll turn the big fan and direct up to you — maybe it will send some warmth.


    • Ahhhhhh… thank you! Just what I needed. It’s trying very hard to be spring here, but some stubborn cold air is hanging on for a bit.,Hopefully next week I’ll be joining you in the Gripe Parade, complaining about the heat (just hard to imagine right now).


  4. They clouds are gorgeous..high and fluffy. Actually looks like a Montana sky. The birds are singing up a storm..the chill in the air is coming from the North..Canada …I hear!! Hundreds of tulips are now in bloom..yes..Spring is just a minute late!


  5. We are kind of easing into spring here too. Personally, I like it that way. We will enjoy the mountain snow pack into August this year.


  6. As autumn is making its presence felt here, with an extra blanket sought for the bed at night, I think your spring must be near at hand… the only thing that worries me is that we are still experiencing rain and specially here in the Kalahari…. and I mean heavy rain, not that early winter cold drizzle… oh well I suppose it will all turn out right in the end…


  7. Beautiful blooms, anneli! My first house had a Quince Bush, although “mine” was a bit pink. I’ve heard that Spring will arrive next week~ we can hope!


  8. I just sent you a parcel with Spring in it. It will arrive very soon! Nothing is lovelier than Spring.


  9. Yes, spring. i planted many flats of annuals today, hoping for warmer weather this week. Hope the new plants don’t get a chill and give up.
    Next week it’s bound to come. Lovely pictures.


    • I can’t believe how cold it is today. But you’re right, according to the weatherman it’s supposed to be as high as 19 degrees later next week. I won’t get the shorts out just yet though. I’m sure your plants will be smiling next week, (if they survive this week).


  10. Ah blue skies and white clouds! I envy your spring as winter is on its way in the southern hemisphere.


  11. Love your shots Anneli. You make me feel at home…


  12. Those flowers are so bright and cheerful it will definitely be spring soon!


  13. It hailed today! But next week the temperatures are supposed to be nice and warm – at last!


  14. Beautiful blooms! We’ll be a month or two behind probably, although in sunny spots we are getting crocuses and dandelions. Dandelions have to count as wildflowers in May!


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