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Still With Us


Spring is trying to come. My lilacs are trying to open in spite of the cold rain. And the baby robins are surviving in spite of a horrendous downpour of rain about a week ago, and the constant patrolling of black scavengers.002

Every few days I’ve been taking pictures of the baby robins to see if they’re still with us. I’ve chased away many a crow that is wanting a quick breakfast of robin-kebabs. I even threw the empty kitchen garbage bin at one black murderer who was sitting on the corner of the roof watching to see where the robins’ nest was. (I happened to have the bin in my hand after washing it out.)

Before the robins become crow snack one of these days, I wanted to share their progress with you.

001I know I must sound negative about the fate of these babies, but every year I hope that some will make it and every year the crows kill them. I’m bracing myself for the worst, and faintly, faintly, faintly, hoping for the best.


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29 thoughts on “Still With Us

  1. Oh those poor little baby robins. 😦 I know exactly what you mean about the crows. I have witnessed a few horrific crimes in my backyard as well. You might want to invest in some kind of chain link fence, big enough for the robins to get through, but not big enough for those nasty crows. Just put it loosely around that particular shrub and put a lid on it too. Maybe it will give them a fighting chance. 😦 Nature can be so cruel sometimes. Beautiful photos in your story. sigh….


    • I know. I’ve been thinking about that kind of thing – how can I put a protective barrier all around those birds for their whole lives. But the real world doesn’t work that way, unfortunately. I’m surprised they’ve even made it this far!


  2. You have to be very strong to throw a bin at your roof lol.


  3. Oh how I loved to see those beutiful pictures! Nothing more exciting than to see those mothers feeding their youngs.She looks like an eagle on the picture, Ready for fighting for her kids, no matter how big the enemy is. I am sure those kids will make it (maybe with a little help from you).


  4. Beautiful photography, Anneli. Nature can be too cruel sometimes. 😦 xx


  5. great work, robin-mother, in both ways. Love your photos, since we have to wait for the first green leaves. But I have a bird nesting inside the chimney in my office. We “talk” regularly, but I can’t see what is going on, like you do.


    • I hope the bird isn’t going to fall down the chimney. Do you know what kind of bird it is? Nice that you can “talk” and won’t it be interesting to see when the babies hatch?!


  6. Your birds are way ahead of the ones we have here. No baby Robins yet. Your lilacs are far ahead of ours too! I would not be very happy to have crows like those around here. We have lots of songbirds around.


  7. I hope they make it too!


  8. Dainty little darlings…hope they are still nesting this morning. Shoot the crows!! Nah..with your camera only..they have families to feed as well..darn!


    • Exactly the problem.They have a family of little marauders in their own nests and last year they fed them baby robins to give them a taste of their mission in life. Sorry. I have no sympathy for crows.


  9. The cycle of life and death…painful


  10. Those baby robins are so cute and I hope that your diligence pays off for them!


  11. Soooo “dear;” the crows can be very annoying!


  12. It’s nice to see your pictures and look ahead to Alberta’s future… our lilacs are just beginning to show some colour, and then maybe we’ll see some eggs hatching as well. Good luck to those robins!


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