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New Bird Species


By now I can’t blame you if you think that this blog is for the birds, but I hope to spare you from the constant bird updates soon.

Today I decided it was time to learn more about how to use my camera. It’s a way better camera than I am a photographer. Time to do something about that. Out came the “How To” book.

I fiddled with the camera, discovered some adjustments I should have made ages ago, and immediately regretted every photo I had taken so far without them. But never mind, I would practice with these new basic settings from now on. Things could only get better.

Then I began to read about setting the shutter speed (yes, I’m that much of a beginner), but by this time I was getting to the point of “information overload.” I would learn about shutter speed settings another day. It might have been good for some of the bird photos if I had been able to capture their quick movements, but for now, I would just have to find birds that were not quite so hyper and would sit still for me.

I went outside to practice on a few flowers. They held fairly still, except when a breeze shivered them.



Then I walked along the path where that lazy person left the garden hose, and I waited by the birdbath which is right by the birdfeeder, for some docile bird to come and sit down for his supper of sunflower seeds. I needed a calm, not too excitable bird. One that didn’t flap his wings too fast for my slow shutter speed which I didn’t yet know how to speed up.

A pine siskin flitted over  and I slowly turned to take his picture, but when I zoomed the lens, he got nervous and flew away. Just then another bird came and hovered beside the columbines and since I had the zoom already zoomed, I took his picture. I ran into the house to upload the photo and this is when I realized I had discovered a new species – the wingless hummingbird!


How does he DO it? No wings and all….

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30 thoughts on “New Bird Species

  1. I can’t say that I have studied my manual on the how too’s of using it. Maybe I should look for it. Thank you for reminding me! I like your capture of the hummer and I don’t tire of bird stories.. Except that I want them to all be happy and thrive..lol!


    • Me too! If I had my way, they would all survive! Now go dig out that manual. I was so dismayed when I realized that a couple of simple settings could have improved my photos If only I’d done it long ago!


      • The other day I saw two crows fighting. Not that they are high on my list of top faves, it was disturbing seeing one beating up the other. Can’t we all just get along… Hmm! Now I am curious about what I might learn. It’s never too late! Thanks for the encouragement!


  2. Never heard of a wingless hummingbird before. Seems like I learn something new almost every day. Nice photos.


  3. Keep up the good camera work. I”m waiting in anticipation for even better pictures. As for the hummingbird, if you look closely the wings are faintly visible.
    Enjoy picture hunting.


  4. It’s not just the settings, Anneli. Wait until you try to shoot a Moose with a macro lens.


  5. Manuals? Seriously? Does anyone ever read them before just grabbing the item – washing machine, kitchen gadget, laptop, camera – and poking the buttons until something happens? They’re useful when the thing stops working, of course. And then you can read what you should never have done. And you should specialise in wingless birds. You’re very good at them.


    • Exactly the problem. I’m one of those people who read the directions when all else fails. I regret that with the camera. My pictures could have been so much better already and improving all the time. It’s back to square one for me now but I have great photos to look forward to. When I get to that point, I might burn the manual.


  6. Ahhh the Chalcomitria anneliilus alatum now we have the Latin name for it, what will be it’s common name?? Annelis sunbird? Now we need to study it and record its habits and submit this to the bird society to have it registered…. need help.??? (alatum is wingless by the way) LOVE that you are studying up on your camera for bird photos… has there been any reason for this sudden interest.?.. they are the most rewarding when you get a good capture…


    • I really enjoy the photos I see on blogs of great photographers and they are an inspiration. You can see them at the left of my blog in the list of blogs I feel are worth visiting: Suzanne Rogers. Victor Travel Blog, Visits to the Park, Montana Outdoors, just to name a few. Thanks for the Latin name for my wingless bird. When I finish studying it, I’ll take you up on the help to register that name. 😉


      • I uploaded a few of my photos to National Geographics before looking at the photos that where entered before mine… if you ever need inspiration go and look at that site, there are some magical captures that I can only dream of…


  7. Awesome photos! I can just imagine your delight when you downloaded the hummer shot!

    Basically, I’ve set my camera on manual mode and let it do the job. I’ve tried to study photography. I took a class and dropped out. I bought books and gave them away. Whatever aptitude is required to discuss shutter speed and ISO and all that jazz is completely sealed from access in my cranium.


  8. Gorgeous..I think you skipped kindergarten and ended up in 6th grade Anneli.
    You have much more color in your garden than we do down this way.
    Good luck with the “fine print” in your manual.


  9. How about Ghost Wing Hummingbird? Wings lighter than a butterfly’s! I’ve dug out my book. When my old Pentax died I bought a digital. That was five years ago. Time to figure out how this contraption works. And I will never get tired of birds.


  10. I like that name. Nice to have a visit from a bird photographer.


  11. Beautiful pictures – and especially the one with the humming bird without the wings – poor thing – haha!
    I would love to have your imagination…


  12. What!!!! My Mrs. Hummingbird has a relative without wings? Your photos are so lovely. Mrs. is leaving the nest more and more frequently. Either that is what happens as she is on the nest longer or she’s hungry!


  13. Good to know you’re another birdwatcher, Luanne!


  14. Great shot of that hummingbird! Beautiful flowers too 🙂


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