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Real Puppy Love


What’s not to love about Emma? Would you take home this English cocker spaniel if she needed a place to go?

??????????Almost eight weeks old, she already knows her name and will come when you say, “Emma, come,” … IF she feels like it. Luckily for me, she nearly always feels like it.

She gets into mischief, like any puppy, trying to chew the buckle off my shoe.


Or investigating an age-old sprinkler which happens to work better than the newer one we had (but this may be a thing of the past when Emma gets through with it).



But wait! Don’t you already have a dog? you ask.

Yes, we have our English springer spaniel, Ruby.

Ruby — “Puppy from Hell”, “Monster Puppy,” — Ruby who turned out to be a sweet, biddable and loving pet and an excellent bird dog. She wasn’t always like that though.

Here is Ruby looking sweet (and don’t forget that looks can be deceiving).


Then the devil came out in her and she put me through my paces as I tried to turn a very bold dog into an obedient one. She had a mind of her own, strong-willed, and single-minded.


Just TRY and tell me what to do.



No way I’m giving up this toy.

After ruining my summer making me nearly give up all hope of turning this monster puppy into a decent dog, she miraculously changed into the most wonderful dog you could ever hope to have. It happened soon after her first heat. Seems all she needed was a shot of hormones. Ruby is sweet and loving, and at the same time she’s a persistent and tenacious bird dog. She’s the best.


She’s gentle and loving and now, heartbroken, because she thinks her place in our hearts is threatened. Of course we love them both. In time Emma and Ruby will become like good sisters to each other.

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46 thoughts on “Real Puppy Love

  1. OMG! You make me so jealous. Your dogs are SUPER cute. My Missy had her first (and only) litter of pups a few months ago and I am trying my best to get her back to normal. She sheds like crazy now, but she’s my baby so I’ll do what has to be done.
    Missy is very territorial with the house and me. I doubt I’d ever get another dog as long as I have her… she is enough work anyway.


    • You’ve got that right, about the work, Vanessa. But we do it because we love them. The territorial thing is hard to break through with a second puppy threatening the status quo. I managed to get Ruby onside more today when I petted her a lot and pretended to ignore Emma. (I had given Emma lots of attention out of sight of Ruby. Felt a bit dishonest, but it was for the good of all, and it seems to have worked.)


  2. Emma is adorable. I want shiny hair like hers!!!


  3. Emma is so very cute! What made you decide to get another dog? I hope Ruby gets over the new threat soon and, like you said, Ruby and Emma will become like sisters.


    • We got Emma from the same breeder as Ruby and we know he has good dogs. We thought we should get one while we could, and before Ruby gets too old to hunt. Also, if there are two dogs, they can take turns and not both get cut up feet in the tough grasses and burrs. They can spell each other and take time to heal. This way too, we’re hoping that Emma can learn from Ruby. (Hopefully not her bad habits.)


  4. Emma is super cute and Ruby will just need a little extra tlc…


    • Ruby is getting lots of TLC and it is finally paying off, but she’s still a bit upset when she hears Emma howling and whining when it’s bedtime. But it doesn’t last that long. She stops after about five minutes.


      • We have one cat that still hasn’t gotten used to our youngest one, and she is two. It’s about time to get over it..lol! But cats can be unreasonable if they want to..


  5. Gorgeous! Both of them! Wonder if Ruby will be a good teacher?


  6. What a cutie! I couldn’t resist either of those two!


  7. Aahh so sweet, they both are! Congratulations.


  8. Ohhh, how exciting. You got a new puppy! It’s really strange, because today is the 5 year anniversary of my heart-dog’s passing, and your sweet little Emma has the exact same coloring as him, minus one freckle. I think he spoke to me through your little girl. Congrats on your new baby. Hope to see more of her as she grows.


    • I’ll happily post more pics of her. I’m sure people will groan as they see yet another dog picture, but I had to get away from so many bird pictures. Word is going to get out: Anneli’s blog is for the birds or it’s gone to the dogs.So sorry that you lost your dog. We always remember the special ones, don’t we?


      • I enjoy the nature photos, but I enjoy most photography. It’s not gone to the dogs or for the birds. Heh. It’s in tune with nature. 🙂 It’ll be nice to see Emma grow. Our neighbor got a german shepherd puppy, and he’s growing so fast! Gotta capture those pics while you can.


        • That’s right. I can already tell that she’s a bit bigger than she was two days ago. And more confident. I’m going to try to take a few pictures every day as my husband is away and missing out on all the fun. He’ll be glad for the pictures. Have a good day, Lori.


  9. They are both just gorgeous and adorable!!! Have fun with your new “baby” and I hope that Emma and Ruby become fast friends quickly 🙂


  10. I love Ruby and I am already in love with Emma. They are beautiful dogs and I am sure they become friends once Emma smartens up and gets a bit more serious. But for a while yet she has to be a puppy with all the side effects for you and Ruby. Have fun!


  11. Looks like you have your hands full there! Beautiful dogs.


    • I’m only beginning to realize how full! Until I come up with a solution, I have to be with Emma whenever she’s outside because we have quite a few eagles in the area (some nesting) and they would swoop down to pick up a little dog for lunch. It happened when Ruby was small. Two eagles had been sitting on low branches of the tall firs nearby and made a dive for her. Luckily I was outside with her and was able to spread myself out like a tent over her as they passed. So I feel like I’m on constant dog duty these days. But that’s what it is to have a puppy.


  12. How cute & adorable. I will cycle up to your place soon and have a closer look.
    Have a good summer, although it will be very busy.


  13. Adorable and lucky to have you as their “mom.”


  14. A dog, the real big dog, maybe Newfoundland was my dream always, from the childhood, but my parents did not want it. They loved cats.


  15. These are two beauts of dogs… that pup is just gorgeous…


  16. I love that look of madness in Ruby’s eyes when she is biting her toy. I recognise it in Ross (our working cocker). So much energy bottled up in there.

    Has the toy lasted more than 5 minutes? We have yet to find anything indestructible, so he has to go without, sadly.


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