These noble birds are the reason I have to keep a close watch on my new puppy. Bald eagles have been known to swoop down and pick up small pets and bring them to their nests to feed to their young. Everything has to live, but I don’t want my puppy to become eagle food, so I watch out for her diligently.

This eaglet is from last year, but the nest is active again this year. I can tell by the constant shrieking of the eagles and the ongoing cawing of the crows who pester them. One day I’d like to see the eagles get fed up them (literally). We watched the eagles as they built the nest. For many days they landed hard on dead branches of the tall firs, breaking them off. When they fell, the eagles picked them up and flew to their building site. What a lot of work to make a nest of that size.

The finished work of art is just next to my neighbour’s house, so she took this photo and sent it to me.


Courtesy of Begonia Duran

Yes, eagles have to eat too, so I was thinking of making up a sign for them, “Rabbit Restaurant, This Way,” and then have the arrow point to the copse of trees and shrubs in my backyard where I know they like to hide. The eagles are beautiful to see, except when you have a small dog or cat.

28 thoughts on “Eaglet

  1. Yesterday I got to see a brief aerial encounter between an Osprey and an eagle. The Osprey’s plane was much faster and more maneuverable and the eagle landed in a tree to avoid more embarrassment.


    • Poor eagles. I once saw a blue heron get the best of them by circling ever higher until the heron was hard to see without binoculars. Apparently the herons can go much higher than the eagles so that’s one way the heron can evade them. I had never thought an osprey and an eagle would tangle. Thought they’d keep out of each other’s way.(Well, I guess that’s what happened in the end.)


  2. Yes keep your dog away from becoming a meal… bald eagles are very similar to our fish eagles, which more often than not feed on anything except fish, so one wonders how they get their name… that is quite the nest construction and looks very similar to what our fish eagles build…


  3. Good thinking about the Rabbit Restaurant. Yes, cycle of life notwithstanding, I would be beyond grief if a pet was taken by an eagle. We paid a visit to a raptor sanctuary a couple of weeks ago and saw a Golden Eagle. Magnificent bird, and considerably bigger than I expected. A pup or cat would be no problem.


    • I’ve seen them dragging huge salmon across the surface of the water, half swimming, half flying. Reminded me of when a lifeguard swims backwards holding a drowning person. Those salmon weigh more than two of my puppy. And you’re right about how much bigger eagles are than they look as they fly by.


  4. I love eagles, the are majestic…however that would be all over if one took my puppy. One reason the mini doxie is always sent out with the bigger bird dog! Great pics!


  5. I wish they were around here to snatch the raccoon that’s been hanging around our yard. They’re nasty, and I worry about it getting into a scuffle with my dog, Max. They carry rabies. Eagles are beautiful though. We had a rare siting of one here a few years ago. They were hanging out at our man-made lake in the subdivision. Keep a close eye on your sweet baby Emma.


    • She’s always on the leash (mostly because of getting into everything she shouldn’t, but it helps me keep an eye on her too). I feel the same way you do about raccoons. Thye’re cute to look at but from having to chase them out of the henhouse, I know how vicious they can be. I wouldn’t want even an adult dog to tangle with them.


  6. We love our eagles….and our dogs are too large (I hope!) for the eagles to munch upon. Yes….guard your sweet pup! We just had the same conversation with our neighbors who just adopted a new tiny one! Lovely photos!


  7. There have been quite a few eagles circling residential areas of Parksville lately as well. They are looking for an easy snack to share with their families. Usually they are so high up, you’d think they wouldn’t be a threat, but it is amazing how quickly they can dive to pick up their prey. It is quite unsettling to let the cats wander in the backyard. I have managed to make the yard cat escape proof, but an eagle might still swoop in to find its next meal. Perhaps they should just feed on crows!


    • I would love it if they snagged a few crows. I think eagles should stick to fish and things they find at the seashore. One thing they are good at doing is picking off the stragglers and cripples of the seabirds and ducks. Nice to see you here again, Sonja.


  8. Wow, your neighbour has a real bird’s eye view of that nest! They must be fascinating to watch, but yes, watch out for wee Emma. Those B.C. eagles are very intimidating when they look you in the eye and size you up as prey.


  9. Even though Emma has grown quite a bit, she’s still small enough to be picked up easily, so I never leave her out in the yard alone. Between the eagles and the cougars, it makes her ideal bait.


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