Birdbath Time

This female red-shafted northern flicker has heard about Anneli’s birdbath, but on checking it out, she doesn’t look that impressed.

“The little birdie that told me about this should have warned me. I thought he said it was nice and clean,” she wails. “What do you think? Should I risk it? Or will I catch something?”002a


“I don’t know…I have my suspicions. I think someone peed in the pool. Actually, I think they did more than that. Those aren’t  ALL fir husks from new growth.”


15 thoughts on “Birdbath Time

    • That’s interesting. I’ve only ever seen them take sips, but that may be because this birdbath is very shallow. I bought a second, deeper (little bit) birdbath last year, but not a single bird would even sit on the edge of the dish. I suspected that it was because of the dish being painted with huge red flowers that made it look like blood when the water was in it. Not sure, but that was all I could think of as a reason. It wasn’t too deep, just a bit deeper. I ended up taking it back.


    • I like to imagine what the animals are saying, but imagination aside, what I really think this flicker was doing is keeping a watch out for hawks. I’ve seen two flickers being taken by hawks and I’m sure they’re wary, always watching the sky above. I’m glad you like the photos, Charlie.


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