Bucket Head


Did you ever catch two fish with one hook? Sometimes these freak things happen. This greedy lingcod was not satisfied to eat a salmon but had to bite at the fisherman’s lure for dessert before he even took the time to finish his main meal. If I didn’t have the photo for proof  you might well say that this is just a fish story.img718This is Captain Gary’s first boat, from many years ago. It was old even then. Older than the “captain.” But the things that boat saw were interesting nonetheless.

The opposite scenario to this one, of “two fish for one,” also happened (more than once) but I don’t have a photo of it. A salmon is jerking the fishing line. The deckhand pulls it aboard and in the time between the salmon announcing his presence and when the deckhand pulls him aboard, only the front half of the fish is left. The rest has become breakfast for a sea lion or a shark. The tooth marks on the fish’s half body tell the story.

Take a look at Captain Gary’s cap and tell me if you think fishing is a bloody job. CSI would have fun with that blood spatter.


36 thoughts on “Bucket Head

  1. Wow, that is an impressive photo. Captain Gary looks so handsome and rugged! Oh, and the fish in the photo help to verify this little fish story! 🙂 I can just imagine his surprise pulling in the ling cod and finding a salmon as well. What a bonus! Great photo and amusing story!


  2. Now that is one big mouth fish if ever I saw one… I’ve seen many photos here of fisherman losing half of their fish to shark as they pull them towards the boat… but a fish within a fish… this is a first… great catch…


    • If he could have kept that up he could have doubled his money…except the bucket heads are worth very little on the market, unless you sell them individually at the dock. They taste great.


  3. Ling cod are the creepiest fish; deep water fish aren’t they? That’s an amazing photograph, anneli! Fishing is a “bloody” tough business.


    • Yes, you usually get them on the bottom lure on the line. Lots of blood and guts in fishing, that’s for sure. Hard work, sleep deprivation, and fighting off seasickness if you’re a wimp like me. I shake my head when people look for “extreme” sports. Just try commercial fishing. At least it’s useful.


  4. This very thing happened to me deep sea fishing off a reef in Belize. I went out in a small dory with a captain for the afternoon. As I pulled in one fish, I felt a strike and then a lightening. I pulled in half a small tuna. Then when I threw my line back out, I felt a strike and a much larger weight. When we gutted the fish back on the dock, the larger fish/ a barracuda, ugh- had the last half of the first tuna in it. We ate them both!!! (Sushi on the first half tuna)! Also, returning from fishing, a squid launched itself over the boat. Magical!


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