They’re heeeere!

At last the weather is warming up, and just when we are all set to enjoy it, the ten-lined June beetles rain on my parade.


Remember that pudgy puppy from a few posts ago? Emma is now 12 weeks old and investigating everything. She told me she doesn’t like the flavour of June beetles, but they’re fun to pounce on and watch. They also make a very entertaining buzzing noise with their wings.


It doesn’t want to play, it doesn’t taste good, but it crawls and that’s fun to watch. But it’s too slow. It’s like watching paint dry. So…when all else fails…roll on it.


32 thoughts on “They’re heeeere!

    • I don’t think they’re considered a major pest, but they eat foliage of trees and shrubs. In our area they seem to like the Douglas firs and in the evening they start flying around (looking for me). The larvae might do some damage in certain areas because they eat the roots of plants, but I haven’t noticed much of a problem here. We have a lot of these beetles in our particular area because of the trees. There aren’t that many of them in the downtown areas. Fortunately they are only flying around for a few days and then they seem to disappear – most likely going to ground to lay eggs.


  1. We have a beetle that looks similar to that, not coloured like a water melon like yours… ours however are pests in that they lay their eggs in root systems of crops weakening the plants ability to grow and produce… They love to fly at night with a loud buzzing sound, so you hear them coming before you see them… I often carry and old squash racquet with me when camping, you can then play tennis with them as the ball around the fire…. no landing on your neck then…. I get an allergic reaction to the “stink beetle” so they tend to play well as a replacement squash ball…


    • They sound very much like the ones we have. I found many larvae in the soil (quite deep actually). Tonight it’s hot and when I took the dog’s out for their last pee, the garden area was just buzzing with the beetles flying back and forth between the plants. I really hate those bugs! I have one of those racquets that’s made for killing bugs. It’s electrified by a little battery. Not sure how effective it is, but swatting them should be a bit of a deterrent. I hope they run their cycle soon!


  2. Oh Emma I love you! She is so so pretty. But I love Ruby too, I know her “a bit” longer. I am so glad that we don´t have those beetles. But I woud switch the ticks for your beetles any time!!!


  3. Oh my, that’s a great shot of her sniffing that beetle. How adorable. Max doesn’t pay attention to bugs, but he does snap at them when they buzz by his ear. He doesn’t even care about the many lizards inhabiting our yard and in the screened porch. Love seeing Emma progress.


    • The bugs must taste bitter. The dogs don’t like the flavour at all. Years ago when I had two cats, one of them ate one of these beetles and it wasn’t long before she threw it up again. They must taste awful.
      Have a nice weekend, Martina.


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