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Salmon Sharing


Humans and animals live on this planet together and no one group has more right than the other to its resources. Some species “kill” plants for food, some hunt and kill other animals, some kill both, but that’s just natural. It’s the way it is. Fishing is just another form of hunting. Humans do it, and other animals do it. Seems there could be some competition at times.

Commercial fishermen hunt for fish to provide them for the general public’s consumption. Many people love to eat fish; few have the means to go out and get them. Someone has to do the deed.

At this anchorage on the west coast of the Queen Charlotte Islands (now renamed, but still the same place), killer whales show up to cruise the waters for salmon, one of their favourite foods.  It just happens to be what these trollers are also targeting. There’s enough fish for everyone, but the fishermen aren’t happy to see the killer whales because they terrify the salmon who then disappear from the area.

 009The sight of an orca fin is not happy news for a fisherman.


In spite of a certain fascination with the visitors,  the fishermen really don’t want these guys to be hanging around their trolling gear in the morning.


Not only one hungry mouth to feed! Where there is one orca, there are bound to be more.012



But the next morning, it seems there are still enough salmon for all to share.014

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30 thoughts on “Salmon Sharing

  1. agree with jmgoyder


    • Thanks, Pit. I love to see the killer whales, but I hate the way they have to make their living. It’s pretty raw and brutal when you see how they get their food. Whales and seals are terrified of them.


  2. Wonderful and thrilling Anneli, great post 🙂


  3. Good looking salmon on the Captain’s boat. Would the killer whales ever nudge the fishing boat to try and dislodge a free meal? I know they have the right to “fine dine” in the area and may be teaching young ones where delectable tidbits abound.


  4. What beautiful photos. Anneli, I love how you create stories with your photographs.


  5. I agree with all – beautiful pictures and a very good story to go along with them. Love your posts!


  6. Pretty cool to see that! You husband did very nicely with the camera!


  7. Cool. Did Captain Gary take those?


  8. It usually does. I’m pretty good at it. 😉


  9. Beautiful photographs; especially the last one. I like the roll of the waves, the fish in the “hold” (it is called the hold isn’t it?), the beauty of the boat. The whales are “lovely” too!


    • Thanks, Lynne. The place where you see the fish in this picture is called the checkers. The hold in down in the “bowels” of the boat, under that big hatch cover (the big gray lid with two handles on it). That’s where the ice bins are to keep the fish chilled.


  10. That Orca is like in your backyard?


  11. Thank you for the stories and your photographs. Very nice. Hugs, Barbara


  12. Beautiful! Lots of people would “kill” to see orcas that close. In the last picture, what is that white, fin-shaped object (in the water, I think)? Some kind of marker? I’ve ruled out an albino whale. Too bad.


    • I think it’s another whale. It might be a smaller one, judging by the size, but I think the whiteness is just the way the light caught it. It’s not a marker. You can see the water change in front of the fin so you can tell it’s swimming. Funny how people have this fascination with orcas When I see them, all I see is killers. They kill the salmon we want to catch and they kill the gray whales and humpbacks I love to see. They are the wolf pack of the sea.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m not sure if this comment went through before. There was a glitch, so here it is again.
        It must be the movie star status of the orca. Free Willy, wasn’t it? I’d be happy to see ocean life of any sort 🙂


        • Yes, that Free Willy movie was very Walt Disneyish. People got the idea afterwards that they could swim with the orcas if they put on a wet suit. Well, that just makes them look like a seal – one of their favourite foods.


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