What a Ride!

My friend Gladys is an amazing woman. At age 74, she’s a fourteen-year cancer survivor. I believe she beat the cancer into submission (usually it goes into remission, but in Gladys’s case, she pounded it into SUBmission) with exercise and diet.

She skied and hiked and swam and biked, doing all sorts of exercise with extra gusto. Recently, she and her twelve-year-old grandson, Bradyn, undertook an extra-long bike ride from her home in Courtenay, on Vancouver Island, to Nanaimo, 101 kms. away.

Here they are at the start of their ride.


The trip took them seven hours, however riding time was five hours. Yes, they made quite a few stops. At noon, they stopped at Qualicum Beach (about halfway to Nanaimo), and enjoyed a hot dog and fries. They didn’t stop for long though, as Bradyn was anxious to carry on.

Unfortunately, in downtown Parksville, the next little town along the way, Bradyn was stung on the neck by a bee or wasp which almost caused them to abandon the trip. They sat in front of Boston Pizza for quite some time with a bag of ice-cubes, debating what to do.

Finally they agreed to try a few more kms which grew into a few more and a few more. When they got to the outskirts of Nanaimo, there was no holding Bradyn back. Gladys had a hard time keeping up to him, and I know she’s an expert biker.

Here they texted his mom and dad to pick them up near a main exit.

photo 1

Gladys says, “It’s interesting that I never encouraged Bradyn to do this trip with me. He brought it up a few weeks ago because I told the family I wanted to do this ride before summer ended.  His mom and dad made it possible to happen in between his hockey schedule.  Bradyn has never done long-distance riding before and other than a little trail riding, has not done much cycling. Kudos to his determination to make it happen!”

Bradyn’s comment when it was over?  “I want to do this again, Grandma!” What a trouper.

What did Bradyn do at the end of the ride?  Well, after sharing his story with whoever would listen, he went out and jumped on the trampoline with his brother.

And what did Grandma do?  She soaked in the tub and had a snooze while her daughter made a delicious supper.

My hat is off to Grandma Gladys and her grandson Bradyn. Congratulations to you both. Shining examples for the rest of us.

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20 thoughts on “What a Ride!

  1. Kari

    I live next door and I am constantly in awe of the things Gladys takes on. I really don’t think she knows how old she is. I think there is a lesson for us all here and I think her grandson has inherited her spirit.



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