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Something Fishy



In coastal towns of Mexico, generally, the tourists swim and the locals fish.IMGP0029a

They make sure their nets are mended before they go out.


Sometimes the catch is good, sometimes it’s meagre. Notice the white apron to keep the water, slime, and blood off the fisherman’s clothes? The second fellow gets by with a makeshift apron. Nothing wrong with a big garbage bag to use as an apron.


In the early morning the fish is already for sale at the beach,


and later at the fish market in town.


The tourists can buy fish to take to their bungalows to cook, or they can go out to a beachside restaurant and order the catch of the day.


It’s not terribly fancy, but it’s very tasty, especially when eaten beside the sea from whence it came.


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26 thoughts on “Something Fishy

  1. Always so fresh and tasty. My favorite is a little restaurant by the beach where you can enjoy the fish as you watch the sunset.


  2. I especially like the photo of the two fishermen coming home with their catch. The one in the white apron is quite handsome, don’t you think? I wish I had his curly hair!

    The simple meal looks delightful. I’ll take a table by the beach, thank you. And isn’t that a little salt and lime I see on the table? Even better!


  3. Nothing like fish fresh from the water!


  4. Salivating..you have created a lovely vision of sea and fine dining.


  5. Wish it was me eating this fish. Nice series, Anneli.


  6. Oh, that plate of food looks amazing! This is reminding me of Orion’s Gift!


  7. We wished to get the fresh fish of the day during our stay in Crete this summer. Mexico is a bit far too travel to for us.
    Nice pics and a nice story behind them. Thanks for sharing.


  8. Your photos are always so great! Love this set!!!


  9. Beautiful photographs and the blue fisher’s net is the loveliest colour!


  10. Being the wuss that I am, I think I’d choose the beachside restaurant. Lovely pictures. Did you go fishing with those guys to get so close in that photo?


  11. I agree that wearing a big plastic bag is a good thing to do when fishing!


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