A Plague of One?

Far from being a plague of locusts, one lonely grasshopper had the whole meal to himself. I was deadheading the phlox when I noticed this fellow hanging onto the flowers. He didn’t move in the slightest and after a while I thought he might be dead. I had a closer look and he wiggled an antenna to wave “hi” to me.

I ran for my camera and asked him to smile. He did, and he held very still while I played with my macro setting and tried to focus.


Hard to see but he’s on there.

I wouldn’t want him landing on me or getting tangled in my hair, but just to look at, I don’t mind him.

??????????Actually, he’s kind of beautiful in design and patterns. Looks like he could do a number on the flowers though if he brought all his relatives.


How do you feel about grasshoppers? Are they as scary to you as other insects might be?

34 thoughts on “A Plague of One?

  1. You got some great shots. I’m not scared of them, but I don’t like encountering them in huge numbers as I did when I was a kid in Saskatchewan. We once stopped by the roadside to eat lunch on a long trip and had to sit on the trunk of the car to avoid the blanket of grasshoppers that covered the ground.


  2. My, that last photo is a good one. He’s a handsome fellow, for sure. I’m not afraid of them at all, but I prefer to take them in smaller numbers. One is great. Even a few dozen hopping around a field is fine. A swarm, devouring everything in sight? Not so much. And like spiders, I’m always better with them when I see them first. At least they make noise, unlike spiders.

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  3. Your photos are wonderful, especially the macro photo. I love grasshoppers and unfortunately for them, so do the 2 cats. I haven’t seen the cats eat them, but they do love the challenge of trying to catch them. 🙂 I remember as children, we used to try to catch them, and then let them go again. No…as children, we did not try to eat them either.


    • They usually don’t sit still very long. I almost didn’t run for the camera but he didn’t budge and I thought maybe he was dead. On hindsight, I think he may have eaten so much phlox that he couldn’t move.


  4. We have tons of those here right now. They are everywhere … on cars, bushes, in the grass, trees, even on my front door! These do not scare me, although I wouldn’t want one on me. I’ve swept them out of my screened porch and off the front walkway. They don’t even jump to try and get away. Some of them have vibrant yellow, green and/or red colors. Nice photos.


    • So!! You have a plague of more than one. It’s funny how grasshoppers are not as scary as other critters. Imagine if you had tarantulas in the numbers you’re describing! I’d be leaving town (permanently). Okay, now you’ll probably have nightmares. Sorry.


      • For sure, a plague of more than one. You’re talking to a arachnophobia. Petrified of spiders. In fact, hubby just knocked down a huge web on the outside of our porch. The bugs in Florida never go away, because they can’t die from a freeze. Another good reason for me to hope to get out of here some day.


        • The good side of it is that you have a lot of birds who (thankfully) eat the insects. But what will eat the spiders? I don’t think I could live in a place with so many spiders. I’m definitely arachnophobic!


  5. I have seen quite a few in my garden. One was nearly 2 inches long! I’m wondering if that’s what’s causing the early death of some of my flowers? They only scare me when they jump out at me unexpectedly.


    • This one I photographed was at least two inches. I think they do eat the flowers, but in my case there was only the one grasshopper (that I could see) so it probably didn’t do a lot of damage. I wouldn’t want a few hundred of them in my garden though.


  6. These pests do not scare me unless you see a swarm that looks like a cloud… as a child in Rhodesia I witnessed a swarm that when airborne were like a cloud… the damage they did on the ground was unbelievable, yet nature soon returned the area to normal also unbelievable…


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