An Apple a Day


It’s time to pick the MacIntosh apples. I’m sorry now that I didn’t spray them with lime sulphur dormant spray last winter. They have the odd blemish here and there. But the damage is only skin deep and doesn’t affect the flavour of these sweet apples.


I picked them carefully and put the apples into the bucket, but some of the riper ones fell to the ground. Before I could get to them, Emma rushed in to help.

“Here you go,” she said. “Oh wait! Let me just have a taste to see if it’s good enough for the bucket.” DSCN2287

“Yup! It’s pretty good. Guess there’s no point in leaving it half eaten. Best if I lean into the job!”


“What are you looking at, Ruby?”


“Getting down to the last bit. Takes a serious molar workout.”


“Oh Lawdie, that was some good!”


“Apple pieces falling out of my mouth. So what? I know…. I’m not supposed to chew with my mouth open, but who’s going to tell? Just Ruby over there. She’s being good, but I think she has some mischief in mind.”


 “Sure do, Emma. While all the attention is on you – as usual – I’m hiding a hazelnut under my chin. I’ll crack it when no one is looking. So what if my teeth get cracked too. The hazelnuts are so good. They’re worth it.”



“But you’re a growing child. You just go ahead and eat your apple a day, like a good little girl.”

32 thoughts on “An Apple a Day

  1. Another job completed! 🙂 Good thing your dogs are there to help you get rid of the “unwanted” ripe ones. ha ha ha. I can’t believe how big Emma is. Gosh they grow up so fast. Great shot of Ruby as well, looking so innocent? or maybe not? Cute photos.


    • Thanks, Sonja. It wasn’t long ago that Emma was a pudgy puppy. She’s a little devil now, just over five months old. Really sweet but mischievous! Ruby seems like an angel now, but she had her moments when she was a puppy.


  2. Nice apples, nice pictures and very pretty dogs. Ruby looks kind of sad – or she is watching Emma chewing on “her” apples. Emma grew so fastI
    I remember “Angel” Ruby being a “monster-puppy” too, maybe even worse than Emma.


  3. Would love to be there to help you pick your fruit!! AND to add to the fun I’ have to do a bit of sampling especially on those yummy.plums!!!


  4. I just read about a south Texas farmer using sunflowers as a deer barrier. Of course, it requires a lot of sunflowers, but they’ve taken care of that by turning sunflowers into a crop. I don’t even have a clue whether you have sunflowers.

    Something else surprised me here. I had no idea dogs would eat apples. On the other hand, I have a friend with a cat who loves lettuce, so there you are.

    Great photos — fallish, and making me hungry for decent apples to show up in our markets. We do well with figs, blackberries, melons and pears, but it just isn’t cold enough for apples. They did try it in the hill country, and produced some of the best Fujis I’ve ever eaten, but cotton root rot took out the trees.


  5. The dogs will eat pretty much anything we eat. We feed them dogfood, of course, but they’d rather eat “real” food. Interesting about the sunflowers. I’ve grown them here, but mine don’t get very big. Two-foot high sunflowers wouldn’t do much to keep the deer out, but a proper crop could do the trick. I bet they get a lot of birds in amongst those sunflowers when the seeds are ripe.


  6. Aww, Ruby looks left out. I can’t get over how much Emma looks like my Piezon. Ooh, I just wanna hug her. So, I’ll be flying out to your house soon for some homemade apple cobbler. 😉


    • Ruby has had to take some lumps this summer, because I had to pay more attention to Emma, but I petted her as much as possible. Now that Emma is a bit older, just over five months, Ruby is getting more attention and things are settling into a new routine. Ruby is over the heartbreak of not being # 1 anymore, but she’s still the best. It’s just that that cute little puppy demands so much attention…. and gets it most of the time. I’m glad she reminds you of your dog. I saw photos of your dog and I can see why.


  7. Delicious looking apples; I could taste the sweet juice just gazing at them! Do you twist the apple to pick it from the tree? Once upon a time I read that “trick” in a book about Apples! Guess you’re now baking pies!


    • Her coat was shiny from the day she arrived at our house. I don’t know how she does it but when I find out her secret I’m going to try it out for myself. Also, I’m eating all the hazelnuts I can for the curls.


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