Trailer Waiting

trailer waiting[1]

My carriage awaits. It’s getting geared up for another trip to the States. Before leaving, it wants to be filled with everything I might possibly want for the next few weeks. Good food, practical clothes, emergency sewing kit, first aid kit, and survival kit. Mustn’t forget a journal, my laptop and the list of a thousand passwords, usernames, and skill-testing questions. I thought modern technology was supposed to make my life easier….

Montana, here we come. My camera is itching to get its fill of wonderful photos which I promise to share with you. Well, the scenery will be wonderful, if not my skill with the camera, but I’m sure the auto feature on the NIkon will make up for my lack of photographic expertise.

I may not be able to post anything for a few days, but as soon as I have a connection I’ll be sharing the trip with you.

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